3 Containers and Brown Fruit


Do you have a problem with a overripe fruit in your house? I do! Unfortunately, my taste buds and my kids pickiness often work hard to overcome my desire to save food and eliminate extra waste. I pack lunches for … Read More

Why I Didn’t Get a Raise

work promotion

Sometimes it is worth it to play mind games with yourself. You have the power to convince yourself of something. I do this often when it comes to finances. When I got a raise, I convinced myself that I didn’t … Read More

Click Here for a Condescending Post

Click Here for a Condescending Post

It seems like all personal finance bloggers have to have a condescending post where they speak to the masses as if they are children and have no clue why they are poor or struggling. But, it’s the thing to do, … Read More

5 Ways To Eat Healthy Food on a Budget

Eating healthy food on a budget

Finding it hard to eat healthy food while on a budget? It’s easier than you think! Sometimes it seems that all healthy food is expensive. Health food= a lot of money. But it does not have to be that way! … Read More