The Best Christian Morning Routine For The Working Mom

morning routine for the working mom

I don’t know about you but as a busy mom of 5, my mornings are a little chaotic. It seems like no matter how much I prepare the night before, I’m always running around like a crazy lady. Most of the time it’s because I forgot something that I didn’t do the night before.

But there are a few solid things I’ve found that really help our mornings go smooth and of course I have to share with you!

5 Tips For A Great Chrisitan Morning Routine For The Working Mom

1- Start Your Day With Prayer And Gratitude

This is something I am working on being better at! I always feel my best when I’ve started my day with prayer and gratitude. It’s another day, another chance to be more like Christ.

We have another day to do better. It’s another day to be a nicer mom than yesterday. It is another day to be a more understanding wife than the day before. If we wake up and embrace these things, chances are that we will be thinking about them as the day goes on.

There are a few ways to do this!

  • Pray before getting out of bed
  • Pray while getting dressed
  • Pray while brushing your hair or teeth

Whichever route you decide to go, there is no wrong answer! That time is important! In a perfect morning, my favorite way is to do this while doing morning stretches (I need to get back into doing that!)

2- Wash Up/Get Dressed

An important thing for me is not only having things ready to go the night before but also, getting dressed before the kids are up. It is a huge time saver somehow!

Sometimes, I wake up late, the kids are up and running around distracted and not doing the things that they’re supposed to be doing. I direct them to what they should be doing and during that time, I try to hurry up and get dressed.

But if you get up earlier than them, or at least give them direction as to what they should be doing (this really only works with older kiddos), it does give you a chance to get ready also.

I’ve found that getting dressed, putting my shoes on, brushing my teeth and hair gives me a chance to head to the kitchen, start their oatmeal (that’s what we normally give our youngest daughter for breakfast), and start my bottle for the baby.

Once that is done, then I get them up. Things go much smoother because I can be front and center and correct them when they get off track!

morning routine for the working mom

3- Eat Breakfast

I can’t even tell you how many times I skip breakfast on most mornings! I either eat it super late, or I don’t give myself enough time in the mornings. But breakfast is so important and it’s really important to take care of yourself! My favorite easy go-to breakfasts in the morning when I’m busy are:

  • Oatmeal
  • Almond butter bars
  • String cheese
  • Naked drinks
  • Bowl of cereal

If I don’t eat it while the kids are still getting ready, I will take it to go. I work from home full time but I have 4 stops in the morning (during the school year) before I come home to work! During summer break, I have 2 stops. So either way- busy mornings! I know all about them.

4- Help Kids Get Ready

This one is one that can take the longest or it can go quickly. One of the best things I can do to make the mornings go smoothly is to set the kid’s clothes (and mine!) out the night before, so they are ready to go the next day.

It doesn’t take long either. I don’t know about you, but sometimes my kids put on questionable things. Not that I’m a fashion queen but sometimes I have to tell them to go back and change for various reasons.

However, if I have them actually show me the outfit that they have planned, that helps so much! It eliminates any conflict in the morning because they already know what they are going to wear.

So, once I do that, it makes the morning a breeze! Set out:

  • Your clothes
  • Your Shoes
  • Kids Clothes
  • Kids Shoes
  • Any other essential items (backpack, diaper bag, etc)

And it will make your morning routine flow so much better. It sucks to have to cram to figure out what your child will wear, or if you forget to pack something in the diaper bag! Especially when you have babies and toddlers to dress!

5- Light Picking Up Around The House

This is one of my favorites. I am pretty bad at cleaning in the evening. So, before I start my work day I like to do a little light picking up around the house. Sometimes this can take a bit but I do it in increments.

Things like:

  • Doing a load of laundry
  • Cleaning the bathroom
  • Putting things away (that didn’t get put away the night before)

Just doing a few of these things in the morning, or even throughout the day, is a huge help and can really boost your motivation and make you feel productive!

Your morning routine doesn’t have to be chaos!

Listen, I have 5 kids. I get it. My mornings are definitely chaotic at times, but the goal is to keep the consistency (which is sometimes also hard!).

Make sure the kids know what to do in the mornings. Mine know what to do for the most part, but sometimes there’s a lot of getting very distracted. Especially when we wake up late, it’s like my kids forget we still have to get ready.

However you decide to create your morning routine, make sure it’s consistent and that you are on the same page, it really helps when everyone knows what they’re supposed to be doing, Especially the older kids!

Here’s a quick recap:

  1. Start your day with prayer and gratitude
  2. Wash up/Get dressed
  3. Eat breakfast
  4. Help kids get ready
  5. Light picking up around the house

So there you have it! Tell me in the comments your favorite morning routine! I’d love to hear from other working mamas!

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