Top 10 States Likely To Have More Metaverse Investors

Softtik Technologies have conducted a data study to find out the top states likely to have more metaverse investors than others in the upcoming years.
The following are the key findings of this study:
  • Florida has grabbed the first position with a score of 100 in terms of interest in the metaverse investment and is more likely to have more investors than the rest of the US.


  • New Jersey is following Florida state with a score of 99.


  • California was able to grab the third position with an overall score of 70.


  • Nevada was the 4th ranked state in our study, with a score of 64.


  • Illinois got 5th rank in our study with a score of 60.


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Research Methodology

The data was extracted using the SEO tool ‘Ahrefs’, and ‘Google Trends’ for the last 9 months (Jan – Sep, 2022) to analyze all the 50 states to find the people’s interest in the metaverse investments. We have used Ahrefs to analyze the top 10 search terms related to the metaverse investments.
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After that, we turned over to Google Trends to find out the popularity of each search term on the internet and broke down the data state-wise to calculate the popularity score of people’s interest in investing in the metaverse. You can see the full study here. 

Our study reveals that “Buy Metaverse land” was the most popular term among the people of the United States. For the past nine months, the people of these states have shown interest in investing in the metaverse in one way or another.

Most Googled NFT Question

The Internet’s most Googled NFT question is “What is an NFT?” new research has revealed.


The study by CoinGecko, the world’s largest independent cryptocurrency site, analyzed thousands of NFT-related search terms to see which is Googled the most, with the most common phrase questioning what an NFT is.


The data indicated that the question is Googled on average 948,000 times every month around the world.


The second most common phrase is “How do you create an NFT?” which receives an estimated 287,000 average monthly searches online.

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