Make Shabbos Chanukah Special

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Make Shabbos Chanukah Extra-Special

Shabbos Chanukah

We always get one Shabbos Chanukah. While every single Shabbos is special, I like to make Shabbos Chanukah a little more special. When Shabbos comes every week it’s hard to get into it all the time. Once you have kids, Shabbos is not as relaxing or fun! That’s why its important to make some shabbosim special. I’m not going to pretend that I make every shabbos special because I don’t. But i do like to put an effort every once in a while and Shabbos Channukah is that time.


8 ways to make your Shabbos Chanukah Special


  1. Take a walk. This is particularly great if you live in a Jewish neighborhood! After you light candles and your Kabbalas Shabbos (Kabbalat Shabbat) take a walk around and look at all the beautiful menorahs. It’s amazing to see how many people are still lighting Chanukah candles this many years after the Chanukah story. You can also take a peek at the lit up decorations of our non-Jewish friends.


  1. Make Chanukah theme foods. While traditional Shabbos food is delicious jazz it up with some Chanukah touches. Jamie Geller has a great Chanukah menu for you to try.


  1. Invite Guests. This is a perfect time to either invite family or someone who can use a nice meal. There is no better time than Chanukah to practice our Hachnasat Orchim or Hospitality.


  1. Play a Chanukah game together. Whether its dreidel or another Jewish-themed game take some time to play a game as a family.


  1. Make your Challah into a Menorah. We have to have challah but that doesn’t mean it needs to be boring! Make a Menorah Challah! Having a special challah will take a regular item and give it a super fun twist! What a way to celebrate Shabbos Channukah.


  1. Sing Kabbalas Shabbos. So I don’t know about you, but my Erev Shabbos is usually not the calmest scene. I usually don’t have the headspace to do a whole Kabbalas Shabbos or include my kids in my candle lighting. Especially in the winter it’s more of a mad dash to light and then a mad dash to finish getting dressed;) the good thing about Shabbos Chanukah is that since we light the menorah BEFORE we light Shabbos candles I am forced to be ready and calm by the time I light my Shabbos candles. With everyone dressed and gathered around, it is the perfect time to give Tzedaka (charity) with the kids and sing a whole (or part) Kabbalas Shabbos with the kids or by yourself. We don’t need to do real Kabbalas Shabbos – Shabbos songs that the kids now and sing in school are great too! It’s a beautiful thing to sit and look at all the beautiful candles in the house and sing Shabbos and Chanukah songs together. Maybe we should do every week….


  1. Decorate your Table. Use dreidels, coins and kid’s menorah crafts to create a Chanukah themed centerpiece. Just take all your “extra” Chanukah stuff and put them in the center of the table for a Shabbos Chanukah tablescape.


  1. Make a Chanukah Desert. Aren’t these adorable? You can have these for dessert or for a cute Shabbos party. It’s all about the small details that make a beautiful Shabbos into a beautiful Shabbos Channukah.


What are some ways that you like to spend shabbos Channukah? Do you do anything special in your home? There is no need to spend extra money to make this special shabbos exciting. I would love to hear any frugal ideas that any of my readers have. Please let me know in the comments!


Shabbos, Shabbat, Chanukah, Channuka, Channukah, Hannukah, Hannuka, Hanuka…. No matter how you spell it you can celebrate! Check out all the things you can do this Chanukah here.


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