Looking for Fun Things to Do with Your Kids This Winter? Here Are 12 Ideas They’ll Love

Looking for ways to have winter fun? These winter activities are perfect for any wintery day!

Enjoy the winter season with this list of activities you can do to keep yourself busy during winter or a winter snowstorm!

12 Ways To Have Winter Fun

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1. Make Homemade Hot Chocolate

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Who doesn’t love hot chocolate? Grab some hot chocolate packets or make your own from cocoa and enjoy a warm cup of chocolate on a cold wintery day! Don’t forget to add some toppings like marshmallows, whipped cream, or sprinkles!

2. Cook a Warm Soup as a Family

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As parents, cooking may be a chore, but kids find kitchen work fun (and who are we to disabuse them of this?). Give each child an age-appropriate job and create some family memories by cooking together. Is there anything homier than the smell of warm soup on a cold day? At the end of a day filled with winter fun, you can enjoy the fruits of your labors!

3. Start a Scrapbook

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Reminiscing family memories is a great way to keep families close and siblings bonded. I still enjoy looking at old pictures of my childhood with my siblings and remembering our fun activities. Make sure to take pictures of the fun things you are doing with your kids and use them to create a scrapbook you can treasure forever!

4. Build a Snowman

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Let’s build a snowman! This classic winter fun activity is a classic for a reason. Guide your children as they make a snowman and help them find some old scarves and hats to dress the snowman. Don’t forget the carrot for the nose! Snap pictures of your kids with their new friends to put in your scrapbook!

5. Build a  Snow Angel

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Making a snow angel is a fun but very cold winter tradition! Once you throw yourself down and use your hands and feet to create an angel, you can mix water with food coloring and decorate the angel any way you want! Don’t forget to warm yourself up afterward with a delicious cup of hot chocolate or tea after you finish making angels!

6. Make Cookies

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Who doesn’t love cookies? Grab your mixer and make a batch of cookies to enjoy! You can make classic chocolate chip cookies or sugar cookies that the kids can decorate with frosting or edible markers.

7. Read a Cozy Book

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I love reading! Head to the library and grab some cozy books or audiobooks for the family to enjoy. Cuddle up on the couch or in front of a fire and read together as a family.

8. Have a Snowball Fight

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Snowball fight!! Grab those snowballs and get fighting! Change it up by creating teams (you can do parents against kids, for example) or by making zany rules! Don’t forget to keep it safe and gentle for the little kids.

9. Binge Watch a Tv Series

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Stuck inside during a snowstorm? If you are bored of playing outside in the snow, then come inside and binge-watch TV Series. Snow days are the perfect days to sit on the couch with blankets and watch a series straight through.

10. Take a Snowshoe Hike

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Strap on those snowshoes and go hiking! If you get a lot of snow in your area, you may feel cooped up inside- but you don’t need to be! Get some snowshoes, walk around the neighborhood, or explore some trails nearby. Winter is a great time to see wildlife that you don’t usually get to see.

11. Go Tubing or Sledding

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Some of my favorite childhood memories are of sledding down huge hills. As an adult, I realize that the hills probably weren’t that big but as a child staring down from the top of the hill, holding my sled, going down that mountain was a huge adventure! You don’t need an expensive sled to enjoy sledding. You can make a sled out of many regular household items, including garbage can lids or plastic containers.

12. Sit by the Fire

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After a long day of cold winter fun, one of the best winter activities is to sit in front of a roaring fire. You can grab a book, sit and relax, roast some marshmallows, and sing songs.

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