Kari Lake Calls for Maricopa County Officials To Be “Locked Up” Over Election Results

Kari Lake lost her gubernatorial race in Arizona to Democratic opponent Katie Hobbs. Since the results of the election were announced, Lake has been doing her best to have them overturned.

She has claimed numerous times that voter fraud was involved, particularly in Maricopa County, where a few polling places experienced technical difficulties on Election Day.

Can’t Let It Go

Kari Lake gave a speech at Turning Point USA’s America Fest in Phoenix. In her speech, she asserted that she still believed her election was stolen and, when speaking about the Maricopa County election officials, she said, “These people are crooks, they need to be locked up.”

She also added that she now identifies as a “proud election-denying deplorable.”

Let the Trials Begin

A judge in Maricopa County is allowing Lake to inspect some of the ballots before her trial against the election results.

She claims that “if the process was illegitimate, so were the results.”

Lake filed a lawsuit earlier in the month to attempt to challenge the results of her election. Lake has also been outspoken in her belief that the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump.

At the Turning Point USA event, Lake said that the media has been attacking Trump lately and claimed that they want to “drag him through the mud.”

She proceeded to make an obscene gesture to the members of the media who were present at the event.

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