She Canceled Her Daughter’s 16th Birthday for Inappropriate Comments She Made About Her Stepdad

A Reddit user shares her experience of having to punish her daughter for inappropriate comments she made about her stepdad.

Polar Opposite Dads

The original poster (OP) said that her ex-husband and current husband have polar opposite personalities. Her ex-husband works in construction, plays softball on the weekends, and coaches OP’s daughter’s soccer team. Her current husband works at a university, plays piano, enjoys the theater, and is a baker and cook.

OP said that most of the time, they will go to one of their daughter’s soccer games and then go back to the house to have cupcakes or cookies made by OP’s husband. At the end of soccer season, OP and her husband host a big dinner for the team and the parents, and OP’s husband cooks. OP adds that every year for the kids’ birthdays, her husband makes elaborate cakes for their birthdays.

February is their daughter’s  16th birthday. OP’s husband has been planning a cake that will represent the daughter’s interests and stages of her life.

Inappropriate Behavior

OP said that the other day, one of the team moms sent her a TikTok that her daughter and her teammates did. In the video, her husband is taking a cake out of the oven. The sound is audio from Family Guy. “Chocolate cake, a la Blake” can be heard in the background, and then the girl’s mouth, “Hundred bucks, Blake is gay.”

OP confronted her daughter, who said it was just a joke. OP told her it wasn’t funny and that her stepfather saw and treated her like his daughter. OP said that the video was disrespectful, but her daughter said she was overreacting. OP told her daughter that if she didn’t delete the video and apologize to her stepdad, she would tell him not to make her birthday cake.

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Her daughter rolled her eyes and said she would delete the video. Soon after their conversation, OP was walking by her daughter’s room and heard her on the phone with one of her friends. OP overheard her saying that OP was being dramatic about her “f-word” husband. OP demanded that she hang up the phone.

She said she was just “blowing off steam.” OP said she was being a spoiled, ungrateful brat and how dare she use such a derogatory word. Her daughter started crying and said she didn’t mean it. OP told her that her birthday was canceled and that she was going to tell her husband to stop baking for the team and that there would never be a team dinner again.

OP’s ex-husband says she should let it go, and that she is expecting too much from a teenager. OP’s husband was hurt but said her daughter should still get to have her party. OP’s sister believes she made the right call and told her not to doubt herself.

Was OP right to cancel her daughter’s birthday party? Was her daughter in the wrong for making the video? How would you have reacted in this situation?

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