Is Biden Too Old for a 2024 Run? Should He Step Down for a Younger Option?

With the 2024 campaign starting to heat up, there is one big question.

There has been plenty of speculation about whether or not Biden will run again in 2024.

“I plan on running … but we’re not prepared to announce it yet,” Biden said in an interview with NBC’s “Today” show before the White House Easter Egg Roll.

Many Americans wonder if he’s up to the task or if his age will be an insurmountable obstacle in his quest to stay in the White House.

Never Gonna Give You Up

It’s hard to imagine Biden stepping down and not running for re-election. The man has spent the better part of his life in the political arena and has seemingly always had the presidency in his sights.

After the sweeping victory Democrats achieved in the midterm elections this past November, it seems even less likely that Biden would give up his mantle.

Despite his recent victories, Americans are uncertain about whether or not Joe Biden is mentally fit to continue being the leader of the free world. Many are worried about whether or not he will even live through a second term since, by 2028, he will be 86 years old.

Too Old For The Job

Biden has certainly shown signs of aging since he took office in 2020. He often becomes confused while giving speeches, and sometimes he will either trail off in the middle of a sentence or lose his train of thought altogether and change topics.

He will also sometimes speak a complete sentence in what seems like gibberish. There seems to be an overall decline in his cognitive function, which does not bode well if he decides to make a  bid for 2024.

If he were to run again, he would have to hit the campaign trail-hard. At his age, the stress of moving around constantly and getting up in front of crowds could be detrimental to his already declining health.

It might be better for Biden’s mental health and the country’s overall health if Democrats chose a different candidate to represent them in 2024 and allowed Biden to retire in peace.

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