Inexpensive Things To Do Over the Weekend

Working all week leaves much to be desired when the weekend finally hits. Most people want to go out and have some fun on the weekend, allowing them to relax and blow off some steam after a hard week of work.

Unfortunately, many of the most popular weekend activities can be quite pricey, causing you to spend lots of money. Spending too much money on weekend activities could make it next to impossible to save up for big financial goals like buying a new car or purchasing Arlington real estate. So what can you do to lower the cost of your weekend activities? Here are some inexpensive things that you can do over the weekend.


One of the best inexpensive weekend activities that you can take part in is hiking. Most hiking trails are free to access, and you don’t really require any special equipment to use them. When hiking, all you need is some fitness clothes, some water, and some snacks, making it an extremely cheap weekend activity. However, hiking is a great activity for a wide variety of reasons, not just its price. The physical activity you do in hiking can be great for your health, allowing you to lose weight and improve your physical fitness. In addition, getting out and seeing the beautiful sights of nature can be a great treat and lots of fun. If you’re looking for an inexpensive thing to do over the weekend, then you can’t go wrong with hiking.

Play a Game

Another inexpensive thing that you can do over the weekend is to simply play a game (like a 2-person card game!). Games can take many different forms, most of which aren’t that expensive. Board games aren’t really that pricey, and after purchasing a board game one time, you can get multiple uses out of it. This is a stark contrast to going to the bar or clubbing every weekend, as in those scenarios, you may be spending lots of money every single weekend. Another form of relatively inexpensive weekend entertainment is video games. While some video games and consoles may cost a lot of money, others are extremely cheap or even free-to-play. Many people think that games are simply for kids, but they can actually be a great way to have some cheap fun on the weekends.


A classic and inexpensive way to spend a Saturday afternoon is with a nice picnic. Picnics can be extremely romantic and fun, making them the perfect option for couples. In addition, you don’t really need to spend a lot of money on picnics. With a picnic, you really just need some food and a picnic blanket and table, things that aren’t that hard to come by. Picnic food is by no means expensive and can be found at just about any grocery store. If you want to slash the cost, even more, you could even make your own picnic food, making the event even cheaper and adding a more personalized touch. Picnics are a fantastic activity, and you should definitely have a picnic on your shortlist of inexpensive weekend activities to try out.

Thrift Shop

An extremely common weekend activity is to go to the mall and shop. Everyone loves to shop for new things, as it can be therapeutic for some and exciting for others. Unfortunately, the very nature of shopping requires you to spend lots of money, especially when you shop for highly coveted brands. However, there is a way that you can shop without spending a lot of money, simply visit a thrift shop. Thrift shops are great, as you can get lots of items without spending lots of money. In addition, you never really know what you’ll find at a thrift store, further adding to the excitement of shopping. If you’re looking to get your shopping fix but don’t want to break the bank, try shopping at a thrift store over the weekend.

Read a Book

If you are looking for things to do on a money free weekend then cuddling up with a good book is the way to go! Pick a good book, pop some homemade popcorn and chill and enjoy reading!


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