I’m a Frugal Shopper: Always Buy These 15 Items at Dollar Tree

In a world where every dollar counts, everyone is on a quest to stretch their budgets further. One great way to do this is to shop at Dollar Tree. While it is not difficult to land great deals at Dollar Tree, it is always important to watch out for the quality of some items on the stores’ shelves. 

 The quality and safety of the items at Dollar Tree and other dollar stores will always be a subject for discussion. This leaves many people wondering about the best items to buy at Dollar Tree. 

Are you wondering what items would give you the best bargains? What Dollar Tree items are safe to use?

 Buying these items would be a great deal and would help you save some money. 

1. Cleaning Supplies (Sponges, Brushes, Cleaners)

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Cleaning equipment and tools do not have to cost you a lot of money, especially if you are likely getting the same product quality regardless of what you pay. 

Some of the best things that will still get a good job done if you buy at Dollar Tree include sponges, brushes, and cleaning gloves. 

If you are replacing your sponges as often as required, you have no business spending heavily on them.

Cleaning gloves can easily go for $15 in other retail stores, while Dollar Store has a wide variety at $1.25. There is nothing wrong with cheap cleaning gloves; as long as they protect your hands from harsh cleaning chemicals, the cheapest one available would get the job done. 

Dollar Tree detergents, window cleaners, bleaches, stain removers, dish soap, and other cleaning products go for as low as $1.25, yet they have over 4.7/5 stars. 

2. Kitchen Utensils and Tools (Measuring Cups, Spatulas)

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No matter what you want in your kitchen, you can always find an excellent selection at Dollar Tree. 

While Dollar Tree has everything in the kitchen department, you need to refrain from buying items that call for superior quality to deliver outstanding results. For instance, buying steel pots or non-stick pans from Dollar Tree is a huge gamble that can disappoint you. The same applies to knives; you are better off buying more expensive but good-quality ones. 

 However, for some items, whether you go for the most expensive or the cheapest available, they will still do their intended use. These include measuring cups and spoons, colanders, mugs, cooling racks, bag clips, cheese graters, ice cream scoops, eating forks and spoons, tongs, and whisks. Save your money by getting these items from Dollar Tree. 

3. Party Decorations and Supplies

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Many party decorations and supplies are disposable only after the first use. There is no reason to spend so much on items you will throw out after a single use. 

Some of the best party decorations and supplies you can buy at dollar stores include balloons, themed letters and fringe, confetti, birthday candles, party cups, and plates. 

Don’t splurge money elsewhere when you can get equally good party decorations and supplies for ⅓ of the price. 

4. Greeting Cards

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With greeting cards going for as high as $10, buying 2 cards for $1 at Dollar Tree is such a great bargain. 

Besides the low price, you will undoubtedly love their wide variety of birthday cards, thank you notes, condolences, baby showers, and wedding cards. You can also buy cheap seasonal cards such as those for Mother’s and Father’s Day. 

Whether bought at high-end stores or Dollar Tree, greeting cards are all mass-produced and will relay the same message. 

If you are not personalizing or crafting the card, you are better off going for the cheaply priced one. 

5. School and Office Supplies (Notebooks, Pens, Pencils)

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There are many expensive things whose quality can barely be differentiated from the quality of their cheaper counterparts. An excellent example is notebooks, pens, pencils, and other school supplies such as erasers.

Dollar Tree offers great deals on notepads and reams of paper. If you want to stock office items or for your kids’ back to school, take that money-saving shopping trip you need to Dollar Tree. 

Additionally, teachers looking to get back-to-school supplies for class preparation could also get great deals at Dollar Tree. Some of the best to look out for include sticky notes, book bins, dry-erase paddle boards, labels, note pads, and marker pens. 

6. Craft Supplies (Glue, Paper, Stickers)

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Do not spend a fortune on craft items when you can buy them for just $1.25 at Dollar Tree. Whether you are looking for DIY materials to do with your kids or something for their school projects, Dollar Tree has got you covered. 

Some of the best craft materials you could shop at this throwaway price include feathers, foam shapes, glue, tape, stickers, crayons, watercolors, paint brushes, and paper. 

Check out the products’ ratings and reviews to get the best in-store. 

7. Seasonal Decorations (Halloween, Christmas, Etc.)

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You should always look for the best bargains for Christmas, Halloween, and valentines seasonal decorations. These events come once a year and are not with us for so long. There is no need to cripple your bank account for seasonal decorations when you can buy them for a smaller fraction of the cost. 

Whether you are looking for Christmas cards, artificial Christmas trees, Christmas lights, Christmas tree decorations, wreaths, garlands, Halloween costumes, masks, and dress-up items, Dollar Tree has got you covered. 

8. Basic Toiletries (Toothpaste, Soap, Shampoo)

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Buying brand names for toothpaste, soap, shampoo, and other personal care does not always mean excellent quality. Looking to step away from expensive brand-name toiletries? Dollar Tree should be an excellent stopover for your next toiletries shopping.

There is a lot of indecisiveness around whether buying basic toiletries from Dollar Store is worth the money. 

 If you look at the reviews and get what many other clients have been happy with, you will most probably get value for your money. 

Dollar Tree toiletries are also an excellent way to buy budget-friendly toiletries for travel or for guests. You could also buy great brand names like Colgate dental care products at dollar stores. 

9. Snacks and Candy

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Buying dried foods such as snacks and candy is usually a great thing to do at Dollar Tree. 

While there is usually a lot of speculation that dollar-store food items are cheap because they are expired, that is not always the case. The good thing is that you can verify this before buying anything. 

Besides, all foods manufactured and sold in grocery stores are approved as healthy to be consumed. You have nothing to worry about. 

 Yes, they may be second-grade items produced by the brand, but they are still very safe and great for your pocket. 

10. Storage Containers and Organizers

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Whether you are looking for a kitchen, wardrobe, or desk organizer, Dollar Tree has an excellent selection that will save you a lot of money

Keeping your space organized can be challenging, so storage containers and organizers come in handy. Unfortunately, organizers can be costly, especially with everyone wanting to have “aesthetic” and “Pinterest-worthy” spaces. 

However, if you are willing to look beyond the Pinterest aesthetic, you can find decent storage containers and organizers at Dollar Tree. 

 The good thing is that they come in all shapes, versions, and different materials, such as plastic, acrylic, marble, metal, and wood. The choice is endless, and the cost is throwaway. 

11. Sandwich Bags

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With many people using sandwich bags just once before disposing of them, it makes sense to go for the cheapest offer. 

Buying sandwich bags at Dollar Tree will cost you less than a ⅓ rd of the cost that other retailers sell them for. 

If you are looking for reliable brand names, you can get a 22-bag pack of Glad sandwich and zipper bags going for as low as $1.25. This is a steal that you may never find in regular retail stores. This typically goes for more than $9 in regular retail stores. 

Whether you are looking to pack your lunch to work or snacks for your school-going kids, Dollar Tree sandwich bags would be a great money saver. 

12. Gift Wrapping Supplies (Wrapping Paper, Gift Bags)

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Gift wrapping paper can only be used once. They are usually wrinkled or torn after a single use. This is one reason to buy budget-friendly options.

If you want to save on this, consider going for the Dollar Tree 48 rolls of assorted wrapping paper for $48. You can use this all year round: for family and friends’ birthdays, Christmas, valentines, baby and bridal showers, and weddings. 

You could also look for their dirt-cheap gift boxes and bags in all colors, sizes, and shapes. 

13. Reading Glasses

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If you are one that constantly loses their reading glasses or accidentally sits on them, consider making Dollar Tree your shopping spot for them. 

You can pop into your Dollar Tree and buy several reading glasses for close to nothing. Having several of them at home allows you to pick a new one whenever needed. 

There is no need to splurge so much on expensive reading glasses when the cheap ones at Dollar Tree do the magnifying job equally well. 

14. Cooking and Baking Supplies (Foil Pans, Baking Sheets)

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This is another controversial item that people have bought at Dollar Tree. While some reviews reveal that specific baking sheets and baking supplies do not conduct heat well, leading to uneven cooking, many other people disclosed having a great experience with Dollar Tree baking supplies. 

The trick lies in reading reviews and buying what others have had great experiences with. It is not a guarantee that you, too, will have a great experience, but it certainly increases the chances. 

Also, foil pans and baking sheets cannot be used repeatedly, and those you buy from dollar stores are as safe as those from your regular grocery store. 

15. Baby Supplies (Diapers, Wipes, Baby Food)

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Baby hygiene items are one of the most significant expenses for new parents. The cost of diapers and wipes can go into hundreds of dollars every month. 

There are several brand-name diapers and wipes that you can find at Dollar Tree for just $1.25. You may also want to go for generic brands that are quite popular in Dollar Tree. 

Parents who have used brand names and generic baby supplies agree that while there are some differences, the two types still do their jobs well. 

Baby food can be costly, so it makes sense to want to get some great deals. The good thing is that safety standards organizations regulate these foods that go to the shelves. Going for items such as formula and cereals for your babies is a great and safe budget move.

16. Pet Supplies (Toys, Treats, Grooming Tools)

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Dollar Tree supplies are perfect for pet owners looking to keep their pets happy without spending so much money. 

When buying treats for your dog, just like you would do in your regular grocery store, be sure to inspect the ingredients to rule out those with unhealthy fats that may compromise your furry friends’ health in the long run. 

You want to go for products with high-quality ingredients, such as lean meats, fruits, whole grains, and meals. You want to avoid those high in sugar and salt. 

Be sure to check their expiration date, product reviews, and if it has any recall history over potential safety or poor quality. 

It is essential to understand that recalls can and have happened to even some of the most expensive brand names. However, you can still get this recall history information on the Dollar Tree recall history page, recalls.gov, and the US Food and Drug Administration website. 

You should be fine buying other grooming items such as brushes, clippers, toothbrushes and toothpaste, shampoo, hair clippers, and trimmers from Dollar Tree. 

If you want to offer your dog a variety of toys, or if it destroys its toys quickly, Dollar Tree would be a significant cost saver.  

Items To Buy at Dollar Tree

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Image Credit: Ben Harding/Shutterstock.

You can buy many items from Dollar Tree and save a lot of money while at it. With the price of a lot of items being as low as $1.25, you can undoubtedly get incredible bargains at the store. 

For some items, the value remains the same whether you get the expensive brands or the cheapest. This is one of the instances when you should choose Dollar Tree over other retail stores. You also want to avoid expensive disposable and seasonal items when you can get them for filthy cheap at Dollar Tree. Find online reviews, research, and save money buying the items mentioned above at your Dollar Tree. 

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