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7 Ways To Save Money on Back to School Supplies

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Shopping for back to school supplies doesn’t have to strike terror in your heart! Well, maybe just a little. Here are 7 ways to help you save money on back to school supplies. 

I was honored to be quoted in a great article about saving money on back to school supplies. School supplies shopping does not need to strike terror in your heart when you get that dreaded list. It also does not need to break the bank (too much). Just like every big purchase proper planning and budgeting can help take the sting out a little.

7 tips to help you save some money on Back to School Supplies:

1. Make a budget and stick to it. If you have older kids, let them know in advance how much they have to spend. This way they can pick which items they want to “splurge” on and which ones they don’t. They may want to spend a lot on a nice notebook but stick to the cheaper pencils and pens.

2. Shop online and shop early. Many stores have back-to-school deals on certain items already. Quickly glance through some deal sites and store ads to see which items are on sale and stock up on the basics- pens, notebooks etc.

3. Coupon and cashback. Look online for coupons and take advantage of cashback apps. These little savings can add up in a big way! (Use my referral code for (previously EBates) to get $10 off your first purchase and cashback on many stores.)

4. See what you can reuse. Not everything needs to be new every year. Go through last year’s supplies and see what can be used, passed down and what needs to be replaced.

5. Plan before you shop. Make sure you have your school supply lists along with an idea of what items you already have so you don’t end up overbuying. If you have multiple kids that need the same items you may be able to split value packs as well so make sure to have an idea of what each child needs BEFORE you shop.

6. Stock up on basics. Are crayons, pens or paper on major sale? Do you think you may need to buy more throughout the year? If you have the resources, buy some extra basic supplies that are on sale so you don’t have to buy them at full price later in the year.

7. Don’t take all your kids at once. If you more than one child, don’t try to take all of them shopping at once. That is just asking for trouble. When the pressure of numerous kids get to you, you are more likely to make snap decisions that make it harder to stick to your budget. Take one kid at a time, even though it may mean more time. You will probably spend less money and have an altogether more positive experience. If you can, do some of your shopping by yourself. Taking your kids to the store with you usually mean spending more money and just increases your stress level!

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Happy shopping!


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