How to Job Search Over the Holidays

Many job seekers mistakenly think that finding a job during the holidays is impossible. But with plenty of companies actively hiring––and less competition from other candidates––this time of year can be ideal for ramping up a career search.

FlexJobs’ Career Coaching team has outlined seven steps to job searching during the holidays.

How to Job Search Over the Holidays

Step 1: Get Organized

Consider using the holidays to get things in order. Having an organized job search can help keep track of everything and avoid any mistakes—like accidentally following up with the same recruiter twice in the same week. Try organizing computer documents into folders as well for easy updating and emailing.

Spreadsheets can be a saving grace, allowing job seekers to note every job applied for, any correspondence or interviews they’ve had, and contact info needed.

Step 2: Update Application Documents

In addition to looking for jobs, the holidays are a great time to update a resume and cover letters. New tasks or skills to add to your resume? Always wanted to reword a section of your cover letter? Now is the time to get in there and tweak everything to perfection!

Step 3: Overhaul Your Personal Brand

Otherwise known as your career image or reputation, having a cohesive personal brand during a job search will help position a job seeker as a top candidate. If a job seeker’s expertise is in nonprofit marketing, ensure social media profiles, resumes, and cover letters convey it.

Likewise, having a personal website can define a candidate’s passion and mission. Get these details sorted out and create a consistent brand to help expedite job searching.

Step 4: Connect With Your Network

Don’t dwell on your holiday job search while enjoying connecting with your network, but also don’t be afraid to talk about your situation to friends, acquaintances, and industry colleagues.

Step 5: Seek Out Opportunities

Searching for a job, but can’t find anything long-term? Job seekers should consider looking for a temporary gig at a targeted company, as it could give them the upper hand in landing a permanent position there.

While some companies that hire for seasonal and holiday jobs only need temporary help, many decide to permanently hire their seasonal workers when the holidays are over.

Step 6: Volunteer

‘Tis the season to give back! Volunteer opportunities are plentiful during the holidays as organizations of all stripes need people to help out. Plus, job seekers are able to put volunteer work on a resume, which is a huge bonus because this type of work offers valuable skills and experience.

Step 7: Take a Break, Pick Back Up

Job searching during the holidays isn’t for everyone. Taking a break from looking for jobs is okay, as workers can still spend time on other areas of the job search to put them in excellent positions to pick it back up when ready.

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