12 Ways To Be Entertained Without Changing Your Spending Habits

Being frugal is all about spending money the right way – to gain value. This lifestyle helps people save money as well. However, sometimes, this could come at the expense of things we love doing/having. A Reddit user posted on the platform how he wanted to live a frugal lifestyle but found it hard to give up his spending habits.

He sought advice from Reddit community members on how they manage to live frugally while enjoying entertainment and leisure activities.

Here are the tips he received.

Frugal Living Is About Value

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“Frugal is more about value than not spending anything. For example, if art is important to you, spending money to visit a museum is a good value,” explains one user

Volunteer To Enjoy Free Concerts

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As a volunteer, you enjoy free concerts, “I used to volunteer for events I wanted to attend. Beerfest, I volunteered to set up or clean up and wouldn’t have to pay an entry fee. Concert, they usually need volunteers to work concession stands and wouldn’t need to buy a ticket.”

Find Activities That Are Not Expensive

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There are many activities you can do that won’t break the bank, “I try to find activities where I get a lot of bang for my buck. So, for example, movie theaters. Nowadays, prices are insane, and I could absolutely rent it at home, make popcorn at home, and generally be more comfortable. I haven’t been to a theater in a long time because it’s not worth the money nowadays for me.”

Explore Outdoors

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The outdoors provides a good platform to enjoy yourself without spending much, “Go outside. Running, walking, or a sport you enjoy. If you find yourself with bad spending habits, ask yourself if you really need this $9 latte at Starbucks or if you can make it yourself. If you have certain annual or monthly memberships, ask yourself if you really use them to be worth of value.”

Get Coupons

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Coupons can help save some money, “There is a coupon/discount for just about everything if you dig for it. I got amusement park tickets 25% off on Groupon. I have a rewards account with the movie theater by me. I sneak snacks and drinks in the theater in my purse. Going out to a bar? Pregame. I also have a bra that doubles as a flask, so I can sneak alcohol anywhere I go.”

Buy a Good Quality Bike

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If you love mountain bike riding, always go for a high-quality bike that won’t break down on you, “Let’s say you like to get outdoors and ride a mountain bike on trails. You can buy a cheap bike that may last you a few months and be uncomfortable, or you can spend 4 or 5 times that and get a bike that’ll last you years. The cheap version is buy cheap and suffer. The frugal version is to buy quality and enjoy the bike for years.”

Take Advantage of Restaurant Deals

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If you like eating out, check scout for restaurant deals to save money, “I also take advantage of restaurant deals, like Applebees $2 for $25 meal deals. With drinks and a nice tip, it’s $50 tops. Which is a lot, but try going to a fancier restaurant and you’ll pay a lot more. I also look around for good but low-cost restaurants in my area.”

Get a Library Card

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The library is a hive of free entertainment, “So many options for free entertainment (physical books, eBooks, audiobooks, TV shows & movies). Along with other events that libraries put on – I went to a puzzle exchange last week & now how a new puzzle (all for free)!”

Set an Entertainment Budget

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Get the most of your money through budgeting, “I like to think of being frugal as getting the most for your money as opposed to just spending as little as possible. For instance, if you have a monthly entertainment budget, would you prefer to go to the bar/eat out a few times, or would you instead buy a used bike on Craigslist or a National Park membership that you can often enjoy without additional cost? There’s no right answer, just a chance to figure out what things are really important to you and what provides a lot of value relative to their cost.”

Plan Ahead and Anticipate Costs

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“Plan ahead costs and see how often you go out. If you already have a budget, plan based on how your budget is laid out (monthly, weekly, yearly). You’d be surprised how often you do things. Gauge what is important to keep doing, see if the lower branch activities could be plucked,” adds another user

Take Turns To Host With Your Neighbors

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You can make friends, have fun, and save money in the process, “We have made friends with our neighbors on our street, and each takes turns hosting fires/ pool parties and whatnot. Lots of fun and everyone usually brings their own drinks, and appetizers are cheap enough. Builds friendships, and everyone’s within walking distance.”

Check Frugal Money Channel on YouTube

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This is one of the channels that offer insights on how to have fun while being frugal, “I recommend checking out the YouTube channel ‘Frugal Money.’ They offer insightful tips and strategies to help you live frugally without sacrificing your spending habits. From creative ways to save on entertainment to budget-friendly leisure activities, ‘Frugal Money’ provides valuable advice to help you balance frugality and enjoyment. Give their channel a visit for advice on embracing a frugal lifestyle while still having fun.”

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