House Speaker’s Absence Takes Center Stage as Shutdown Edges Closer

In late September, as the House drew closer to the final stages of a rare bipartisan bill’s journey, the atmosphere was rife with anticipation.

New Beginnings

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This draft legislation, carefully crafted over several months, aimed to impose penalties on hospitals, laboratories, and surgical centers that refused to make their prices publicly accessible. Spearheaded by Republican Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers, a significant portion of the bill’s provisions wouldn’t come into effect until 2026. This timeline allowed room for the government to collaborate with hospitals to ensure compliance. The lawmakers believed that they had uncovered a tangible solution to help Americans steer clear of crippling medical debt.

Bipartisan Triumph

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After enduring extensive staff negotiations, the bill emerged as a bipartisan triumph from three distinct committees. Optimistic supporters initially believed that with the right strategic maneuvers, they could swiftly usher the legislation through the House. However, the unexpected occurred when the proceedings on the House floor suddenly ground to a halt.

A revolt spearheaded by a small faction of far-right Republicans threatened to shut down the government, resulting in the ousting of the top GOP leader. The unprecedented move to remove House Speaker Kevin McCarthy left half of Congress adrift without direction.

Filling the Vacancy

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Presently, Republican contenders are vying for the vacant leadership position, and the absence of someone empowered to set legislative priorities or advance bills has created an unsettling void. “We remain steadfast in our commitment to push this bill across the finish line this year. However, we find ourselves in a state of limbo while we await the resolution of the Speaker’s race,” conveyed CJ Young, the spokesperson for Representative Frank Pallone of New Jersey, the leading Democrat on the House Energy and Commerce Committee and a co-sponsor of the bill.

Republican Consensus

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The impending challenge awaiting the next House speaker revolves around the daunting task of garnering Republican consensus on government funding. Failure to achieve this consensus by November 17 would result in dire consequences. Approximately 3.5 million federal employees would find themselves without pay, a distressing prospect that includes two million military service members. Moreover, an undisclosed number of federal contractors, encompassing janitors, cafeteria workers, and security personnel, could face unemployment.

In this precarious scenario, around 700,000 essential workers, such as border patrol agents and air traffic controllers, would be compelled to continue working despite the absence of compensation.


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Although federal employees, as opposed to contractors, would eventually be entitled to retroactive pay, labor union representatives caution that many of them would grapple with challenges like affording fuel for their vehicles or childcare expenses. The specter of the last shutdown, which extended for five weeks until January 2019, serves as a sobering reminder. During that period, federal airport workers gradually stopped reporting for duty, triggering extensive queues and flight disruptions.


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Adding to the complexity is the jeopardy facing Ukraine’s aid package due to the absence of a functioning House. Both the Pentagon and the State Department endorse the continuity of foreign aid to deter Russian aggression in Europe. Concerns loom large over potential entanglement in a conflict should Ukraine falter, given its NATO membership.

While a faction of House conservatives expresses reluctance to provide aid to Ukraine or seeks to attach conditionalities, the absence of a House speaker effectively obstructs any debate on this vital matter.

Trump Throws His Own Son Under The Bus In Effort To Evade Jail Time

Donald Trump
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Donald Trump has dragged many people down a bad path with him, landing many of his cronies, colleagues, and underlings into legal trouble with him. Unfortunately for them, it seems their loyalty to him isn’t being repaid. 

Even his own children are being thrown under the bus while Trump looks to save his skin.

Trump Throws His Own Son Under the Bus in Effort To Evade Jail Time

Alleged Bribery Scheme Could Be The Nail In The Coffin For Trump

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Is this the end for Former President Trump? Have we uncovered the final nail in the coffin?

Former President Donald Trump has not been having the best of luck lately. With his recent indictment, his legal troubles counting to mount.

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AOC Claps Back At Marjorie Taylor Greene On TWITTER, “In Case You Forgot, We Sit On The Same Committee”

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Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez,(D-NY), known as AOC, and Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), known as MTG, sit on opposite sides of the aisle, and they are both known for being outspoken for their particular political parties.

AOC Claps Back at Marjorie Taylor Greene on TWITTER, “In Case You Forgot, We Sit on the Same Committee”

Trump Brags About Not Testifying In January 6th Investigation, “What Are The CONSEQUENCES?”

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Former President Trump took to Truth Social to brag about not having to testify in the January 6th investigation.

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MAGA “Family-Values” Congresswoman Lauren Boebert Files For Divorce From Her Husband

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert speaks during CPAC Texas 2022 conference at Hilton Anatole in Dallas, TX on August 6, 2022.
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Lauren Boebert, one of the U.S. Representatives for Colorado, who has become notorious for her right-wing rhetoric and her MAGA allegiances, has filed for divorce from her husband. They have been married for almost two decades and have four children.

MAGA “Family-Values” Congresswoman Lauren Boebert Files for Divorce From Her Husband



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