Host an Amazing Chanukah Party

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Celebrate Chanukah with a Party


We haven’t always lived near family and we still don’t have many Chanukah parties to go to. Growing up we had no family near us and even now I only have 1 Chanukah party to go to. While I have some friends who are busy every night with different parties from different parts of their family and social circle- if I want a party I have to make it myself.

There is no reason why you can’t have a Chanukah party with just yourself. If you have kids, they will love it! You can also invite some friends for a friend Chanukah party! Chanukah parties are not just for large, extended families. My mother used to dedicate one night of Chanukah for our “Chanukah Party” which was just us but it was still tons of fun!

8 Ways to Make a Special Chanukah Party

Make Traditional Foods for the Chanukah Party:


  1. Make Fried Foods. Although we seem to have latched onto the doughnut part of the fried foods. There is a custom to enjoy fried foods on Chanukah because of the miracle that was done with oil. So make some fried foods to serve.


  1. Dairy foods. There is also a custom to serve dairy foods on Chanukah (read here why) so serve up some dairy at your party!


Kosher.Com has 100 recipes to serve at your Chanukah party.

Chanukah Party

Do a Chanukah Activity to Keep it Interesting:


  1. Edible Perler Beads. Yes, these are our new favorite craft! This is a great activity that can be done with kids of many ages. Younger kids can do easier designs and the older ones can get more intricate and detailed.


  1. Pin the Light on the Menorah. Use this menorah craft (which you probably made from our 8 days of Crafts) to play a game of pin the light on the menorah!


  1. Gingerbread menorah. This can either be an activity or something you do ahead of time and use as a centerpiece but I honestly couldn’t leave this out once I found it. How creative?! Full honesty alert: this is probably not something I will be doing this year as it seems way beyond me! But if you love these type of things or have kids who love doing these things then please try it and let me know how it went!


  1. Decorate Chanukah Cookies. Nothing says Chanukah like taking something made for Christmas and making it Jewish! I love this way of decorating cookies from Pioneer Woman. I have a few Chanukah cookie cutters that I use to make dreidel and menorah cookies. This way of decorating is really easy for even very little kids and it’s a super activity that ends with delicious cookies. What could be bad?


Decorate the Table to Make it Festive:



  1. Chanukah Tablecloth. This is really for Chanukah wrapping paper but what if you did this for a Chanukah tablecloth instead? As you fry your food kids can decorate the tablecloth or just a large paper (you can use as a runner) to make it festive.


  1. Sprinkle the Table with Chocolate coins or Gelt. Have you ever seen anything as cute as this?! Of course, it’s probably easier and cheaper to just buy regular chocolate coins but this one is for the super creative, overachieving ones among us. Take the coins and put them on the table to give your table a bit of a festive feel.



Chanukah, Channuka, Channukah, Hannukah, Hannuka, Hanuka…. No matter how you spell it you can celebrate! Check out all the things you can do this Chanukah here.


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