He Switched the Vows at His Brother’s Wedding as a “Harmless Prank”, His Brother Wasn’t Amused

Harmless prank or ruining a wedding? You decide.

A Reddit user shared his story of playing what he thought was an innocent prank at his brother’s wedding, but his brother wasn’t happy.

‘Harmless’ Prank

The original poster (OP) explained that his brother got married last week. He said it was a small, intimate wedding with a short ceremony.

OP said that his brother and his wife wrote their own vows, and OP thought it would be funny to switch his brother’s vows with vows written by an AI. OP claims his brother and his wife would normally find something like this funny.

OP said he put the original vows in his pocket after switching them from the best man’s jacket. He said he was going to get them as soon as his brother figured out the prank and saw that the vows he had weren’t the right ones.

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The problem was, his brother didn’t find it funny. OP was asked to leave the wedding and not come to lunch afterward.

OP said there were only eleven people there minus the justice of the peace and the photographer. There wasn’t a videographer, so there was no record of the vows being spoken. Now everyone is upset at OP.

OP swears he would not have done it if it had been a larger, more formal wedding. OP added that he also would not have done it if his wife and brother hadn’t found similar things funny in the past.

OP said he didn’t expect there to be crying and anger or for the whole thing to get “blown out of proportion.”

The Masses Weigh In

The Reddit community was not very supportive of OP’s actions.

One user said, “YTA. Way to try to make someone else’s wedding ceremony all about you. How have we gotten to 2023 and people still don’t realize that doing pranks at a wedding are not funny?? You are honestly very immature.”

Another user chimed in, “YTA. You could have (and potentially already did) ruined their wedding. This isn’t funny, you interrupted a beautiful and special moment for them. Why would they want their special day and special moment ruined for a “prank”? This was not an appropriate time to prank somebody. The fact you were the only person to find this funny should tell you that you were wrong. Apologise.”

Another user pointed out, “YTA. The size of the wedding has nothing to do with it. That it wasn’t video recorded has nothing to do with it. That it wasn’t formal has nothing to do with it. I don’t understand those justifications. It was their day. The vows were their moment to express their feelings for each other, and share that with their loved ones – it’s a privilege for guests, such as you, to hear them share that. Even more so since they wrote their own vows! You took their moment to make it about you. It’s not only immature, but so selfish of you.”

Was OP’s prank funny? Or did he ruin his brother’s wedding? How would you have reacted in this situation?

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