He Refused To Help His Girlfriend When She LOST HER JOB Because He Doesn’t Want To Give Her Money for “Nothing”

A man posted in the AITA group, and he wanted to know whether he was wrong for refusing to give his girlfriend money to pay her credit card bill.

A Rosy Beginning

The original poster (OP) starts by giving a background story explaining how good he is with his money. This man has been working in the business sector for seven years.

He says he has been earning well and saving and investing intelligently since he was a teenager.

So, OP met his girlfriend, whom he calls Sarah in the post, over a year ago. He describes Sarah as someone loving, caring, and supportive. He says he gives back by being equally loving and supportive of Sarah.

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Now, Sarah has been working in physical therapy but got laid off by her company. OP explains how unsmart Sarah has been with her money as she doesn’t invest and only manages to put away only 10% of her salary.

She also moved cities recently, which ended up eating into her savings. By the time she was laid off, she had only a few thousand saved.

Since her financial situation was unstable, Sarah requested OP if she could move in with him until she got back on her feet. She used to pay $1500 for rent, which OP describes as ridiculously high. He “begrudgingly accepted,” and Sarah did move in.

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Get On Your Feet Now

So, Sarah has been looking for a job since but has not been successful. In my opinion, she has been doing it super-aggressively because she has done a couple of interviews in 2 weeks, considering how challenging it can be to land just an interview.

OP seems not to see it since he asked her when she thinks she would get a job. And as expected, her response was she did not know. When you are job searching, you cannot know when you will be successful.

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OP feels like Sarah is taking advantage of him. He says he cannot take it anymore as he has fed and kept Sarah for two weeks. Now, real trouble ensued when Sarah asked OP for $100 so that she could pay off her credit card bills from earlier in the month.

OP downright told her he was done giving her money for free. She has been crying, saying she cannot believe OP is treating her like that, considering how long they have been together.

Op says his friends think he is the ***hole for treating his girlfriend like that.

What Redditors Had To Say

One Redditor who was not in disagreement with OP said, “How on earth is paying for her meals for two weeks somehow breaking you? Either you are not as clever with money as you think, or you are so rigid about money that if your bank account dips a couple of hundred bucks, you’re hyperventilating. YTA(You are the ***hole) hard”

Another said, “YTA. Listening to how you describe the situation, it’s obvious you do not have a high opinion of her. She sounds like a nice girl who is down on her luck, and you’re kicking her when she’s down. You don’t deserve her if two weeks and a hundred bucks are enough to lose your s***.”

Replying to the above comment, another Redditor commented, “Also his title! “AITA for not giving my girlfriend money for nothing?” Money for nothing? You’re in a relationship with her, who you describe as supportive, kind and loving. Super easy to see why you’re struggling to return that energy. YTA. YTA. YTA!!!”

Another comment that got numerous upvotes said, “YTA, and a huge one too. It hasn’t even been a month yet, and you’re annoyed she hasn’t managed to find a job yet? Forget that. You’ve been dating her for over a year, yet instead of being happy about finally living with her, you are annoyed that she is ‘mooching’ off of you? Do you even love her? Lastly, you say you’ve been investing intelligently for several years, yet ‘losing’ only a few hundred bucks is enough to get you bent out of shape?” 

And lastly, “YTA. Dude, it’s been two weeks, chill. You’re acting like she’s been unemployed for months with no job. She’s trying to get a job. You’re more concerned with your pockets than her.”


What do you think? Is the OP an ***hole, as Redditors came to agree? Or is he right to refuse to give his girlfriend money for “nothing,” as he puts it? 

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