He Moved to a Hotel Because His Wife’s Family INSISTED He Sleep on the COUCH Instead of Sharing a Bed With His WIFE

Forced to sleep on a couch instead of sharing a bed with his WIFE, this man moved to a hotel instead of giving into his in-law’s crazy demands!

A Reddit user shared their story of having to move to a hotel because his wife’s parents insisted that he slept on the couch when they visited.

Family Vacation

The original poster (OP) and his wife got married last summer. He said that since his in-laws lived across the country, he had never visited them but had met them a few times.

They invited OP and his wife to come to visit for a few days. OP said everything went well. He and his father-in-law (FIL) watched football together, and his wife caught up with her mom and sisters.

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OP said things went south at the end of the night when his in-laws made it clear that they didn’t want him sleeping in the same bed as his wife and that he would have to sleep on the couch.

OP said he thought they were joking initially, but his in-laws insisted they sleep separately. OP had an issue with the fact that he wasn’t allowed to sleep next to his wife, and he also has a bad back, and the couch didn’t look comfortable at all.

After arguing for a while, OP decided to leave and stay at a hotel. He told his wife that she didn’t have to come, and she chose to stay. OP said he would come back the next day. OP said he slept well at the hotel and decided not to let the situation bother him.

The next morning, he called his wife and asked when he should come by. She said that her parents want him to apologize for leaving “the way he did.”

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OP said that he was willing to apologize to keep the peace, but they also needed to acknowledge that it was inappropriate to insist that he couldn’t share a bed with his own wife. She said she would discuss it with them and call him back.

Ten minutes later, he heard back from her, and she said that not only did her parents not apologize, but they were also now insisting that OP come back and stay on the couch for the rest of the visit. They said he wasn’t welcome back in the house if he didn’t agree. OP said he was livid at this point and said there was no chance of him doing that.

He also said he was no longer willing to apologize. His sisters-in-law are now bothering him and telling him that this is just how their parents are and that his wife is very upset. They also said that he needs to give in and sleep on the couch for the rest of the visit before he turned the visit into a family feud.

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OP said he doesn’t really care what they think and is willing to treat the rest of the trip as a solo vacation. He said he would do some sightseeing and then meet his wife at the airport at the end of the week.

Was OP right to stand firm and refuse to apologize? Was it inappropriate for OP’s in-laws to insist he sleep on the couch instead of next to his wife? How would you have reacted in this situation?

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