He Contacted the Awards Committee To Get Them To Drop His Classmate’s Nomination After He Found Out She Was Manipulating Him

A 17-year-old posted in the AITA group, asking whether he was the ***hole for contacting the organizing committee of an award and asking them to drop one of their nominees.

Some Love at Last…

So, the original poster (OP) begins by giving a background story of how he has been battling self-esteem issues. He is 17 but had a major cycling accident when he was 13, which left him with major scars on his face. He says he has been severely bullied because of these scars.

Now, OP has had a crush on one of his classmates since they were in middle school. In the post, he refers to the girl as Beck. He describes Beck as someone sweet and genuinely amazing. His family encouraged him to ask Beck out, and he decided to do it.

Being a guitar player, he went out of his way and made a song for Beck, went to the neighboring city to get her favorite chocolates, and so on. He went above and beyond, and lucky for him, Beck accepted.

OP was excited, and they went to a fancy restaurant and had a great time together.

He says the following week felt like heaven. He had a fantastic time with Beck, and Beck’s friends were friendly to him. He was so excited to finally get noticed and receive love, something he had never had before.

Unfortunately, this bliss was not to last any longer.

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Deserved Revenge?

Everything was going on well until one of Beck’s friends sent OP some screenshots via his Instagram. Beck had made posts with captions saying how he had fulfilled OP’s lifelong wish by accepting to be his valentine.

She said she only accepted to go out with OP because beautiful people accept ugly people and such mean things.

Beck’s friend explained to OP that Beck was chasing a good social media image since she was competing for an award for being a “positive role model.”

She had asked people around her to be kind to OP up until when the awards came to an end. This award was to help make her college applications better because she was lagging in community service.

Upset and frustrated, OP reached out to the organizers of this award via Facebook. He gave them evidence of Beck’s actions and what she was doing to win people’s hearts and, consequently, the award.

The committee sent her a message telling her her nomination had been withdrawn. OP found out she has been crying a lot about it, and people in school won’t stop blaming him for it.

Is he wrong for his actions?

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What Redditors Had To Say

The topmost comment in the post said, “NTA (not the ***hole) this is so f**** up it’s beyond words. How did she even qualify for an award with this as her entry submission??? What she did to you was dehumanizing and so incredibly out of line. Everyone’s on her side because *** holes at school surround you, but I promise you, you will move past this.”

Another added, “NTA, This was a b*tch move, but don’t expect your peers to side with you. I can promise that school will end soon enough and you’ll meet more pleasant people. Things will get better, buddy. I’m honestly impressed by your attitude. You seem like a chill guy.”

It was refreshing to see the commenters try hard to uplift OP.

Another said, “NTA. At all. You didn’t stop her from winning that award; she did that all by herself. She made her bed, and now she gets to lie in it.”

And lastly, “NTA – You did absolutely nothing wrong. She used you to manipulate people’s view of her, falsely winning an award and earning credit. It feels like the popular bull**** girl you’d see exaggerated in a movie. She deserves what’s happened (and more, if you ask me). You are a strong, brave, and inspiring person who is decent, and more people should be like you. You didn’t seek to embarrass, insult, or call her out publicly. You merely righted a wrong. Many other people wouldn’t have handled the situation as rationally as you did. I respect you for that. You are certainly not the ***hole here – the friend that sent you the screenshots sounds like a good person. High-five them for me!”

Is OP in the wrong for that? Could he have done it any better?

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