Harvard Professor Says Trump Should Plead Insanity in Court

The January 6th committee released its report, which stated that they will be handing the case over to the Justice Department in the hopes of a criminal indictment being brought against former President Donald Trump. A Harvard professor has said that he believes that if Trump goes to trial, his best bet will be to plead insanity.

Plead Insanity

Harvard Constitutional Law expert Lawrence Tribe tweeted that he felt bad for the lawyers who would be representing Trump and believed they should persuade him to plead insanity.

Tribe was reacting to a video where Trump called the conclusions drawn by the January 6th committee a “monstrous lie.”

In the video, Trump refers to the members of the committee as “very bad people.”

Tribe is not the first person who has said that Trump’s mental capacity is a concern. Neal Katyal is a DOJ official. He also commented on the state of Trump’s mental health.

“I can’t see it in any legal way helping him unless he is trying to go for the insanity defense, of which this paper seems, you know, to be some evidence of.”

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