Ready, Set, Meetup: Atlanta Leads the Pack in Group Gatherings

The Peach City is the most active in organizing friend meet-ups, says Meetup.

If you want to make friends, living in Atlanta, GA, or Palo Alto, CA, is probably the place to be! Meetup revealed that people in Atlanta and Palo Alto are the most active in creating in-person meetups to meet other people.

Meetup, the leading platform that connects people over shared interests at events, today revealed its Meetup Measurement Report, 2023, which is based on actual behavioral data of those using Meetup.

Most Outgoing Cities:

Looking at America’s cities that are the most active in organizing and attending events through Meetup, the Big Peach, Atlanta, leads the pack.

  1. Atlanta, GA
  2. Palo Alto, CA
  3. Mountain View, CA
  4. Fort Lauderdale, FL
  5. Marietta, GA
  6. Santa Monica, CA
  7. Orlando, FL
  8. Boulder, CO
  9. Cambridge, MA
  10. Salt Lake City, UT


2022 ended with “Friends” being the most searched term when looking for Meetup events. It used to be that friends were a by-product of Meetup events. In a huge shift, people are now using Meetup with the intention of creating friendships, prioritizing the need to make friends over a particular hobby, interest, or activity.


Book clubs are back in the top ten of most searched events after a dip in 2021 to #12.  Previously, it was #8 in 2020 and in 2019; #9 in 2022.

While online communities are organized around books, BookTok is a great example of this; people are moving towards meeting in-person to discuss new-found loves.

Loneliness Epidemic

“As studies point to a loneliness epidemic, we felt a great responsibility to share what we know about the state of friendships,” said David Siegel, CEO of Meetup. “Our global data and insights will be enlightening, encouraging, and hopefully, will serve as a reminder to those who feel lonely that new friends may be a Meetup event away.”

People are proactively seeking connections, and this is indicated in the data. In the first 19 days of January 2023 compared to the same time in 2022, Meetup event registrations were up 14% and up by 37% from the same time in 2021. People are actively looking to get together in 2023 and want to meet face-to-face. The report reveals that 71% of all Meetup events were in person.


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