Unlocking the Magic: How to Score Free Disney and Amusement Park Passes This Summer

Are you looking for frugal summer activities for you and your family? Fun activities for you and your kids can easily break your bank account if you’re not careful.

But not if you find clever ways of going around it.

Work at a Local Water Park

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Yes, you can find cheaper activities for you and your kids. And even better, you can find ways to enjoy these activities free of charge.

For instance, someone posted online how they were about to make the most out of their summer job. OP and her husband got hired at a local water park, where they will be working one shift per week. This job has allowed them to keep their full-time jobs and make extra cash.

Free Perk

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And the good side is that they get free admission for themselves and their son. You can only imagine how much fun their son will have at the park!

What other frugal summer tips do you know? Here are some great tips users shared to add to your summer bucket list! 

Working at Leisure Facilities

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Like the original poster, some other subreddit members work at such fun facilities and enjoy free passes for themselves and their families.

One commenter said, “My husband works at a ski resort in the winter one day a week just to get the free ski passes for the family–worth it!”

Another added, “One of the guys I work with also works at a golf course one day per week just for the perks.”

Check Out Disney

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Working a few hours at Disney can get you free passes for summer.

One person said, “Disney loves its part-timers because their only benefits are a free Disney pass and a very small discount in the parks. Many of them also worked 4-6 hour shifts, which I noticed because they covered breaks for full-timers. Overall I’d say if you’re only working there twice a week for few hours, I’d consider that worth free Disney if you’d go enough to justify a pass but not enough to justify paying.”

And lastly, “I had a few coworkers at Disney that just worked weekends for the free passes.”

If you and your kids have been dreaming of going to Disney for so long, this could be a great thing to try.

Free Library Activities

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A user suggested checking out what local libraries offer: “Check out your local library as they usually have a reading program for kids with free events to attend.”

This is an excellent way to develop the importance of reading in your children and have them enjoy some educational events.

Free Tickets

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Another user added an amazing frugal living tip, “I know our local library gives out free tickets to the local museums. Also, the local museums have a day every month where you can get in free with your library card.”

And lastly, “My library does zoo passes and day-use state park passes! The state parks program is California-wide, so if you’re in CA, check your public library.”

Be sure to check with your local library if they have some perks attached to having a library card.

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