Frugal is the New Cool: 10 Money-Saving Hacks That Will Help You Save Money Today

Finding ways to save money and live on a budget can be daunting. There are always the common tips that people always suggest, such as eating out less, buying fewer clothes and housewares, and limiting or even eliminating nonessential entertainment.

Fun Ways To Save Money

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But these can feel like “Debbie Downer” suggesting things. However, there are ways to save money without feeling like your life is utterly devoid of joy. Thankfully, an online community suggests other usual hacks.

1. Buy Clothes Secondhand

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Buying clothes secondhand is one of the best ways to save quite a lot of money. There are many fantastic secondhand and thrift stores where you can find unique pieces at great deals. Stores like TJ Maxx and Ross and online marketplaces like Poshmark are great options for finding discounted clothes. In my experience, Poshmark is great for niche purchases.


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One person also suggests ThredUP. They say, “I ordered from there and loved it. When I need clothes, I will buy from there again.” I entirely concur with this option. What is excellent about ThredUP is that you can search specifically for pieces and filter by size, color, style, and, most importantly, condition.

I’ve bought multiple brand-new pieces and “like new” items at low prices. Truthfully, most of the fashion I have purchased in the past few years has been from places such as these, and I have zero regrets.

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2. Use Credit Card Points for Travel

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Although this is not a foolproof plan for saving money, it is also one that, if done right, can save you an incredible amount. Traveling by nature is expensive. And when you are on a budget, travel is a luxury. Hotels and flights are pricy alone.

But then you must also pay for food, car rentals or services, and a ticket to theme parks or museums. Several credit cards offer travel points with qualifying purchases. And these can add up quickly. As one traveler says, it does give them a free vacation, “but the expenses come down [if the timing is right].”

3. Take Advantage of the Public Library

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A library card can be your best friend when you want to remain frugal with your spending but love reading. Yes, buying books is wonderful. But you can fall down a rabbit hole of spending if you are not careful. And often, the books remain on your shelf, unread for years.

But with the library, you will save a great deal of money and be on a schedule that can motivate you to finally crack open that book you have been dying to read. Libraries have other entertainment, such as music and movies, and some have instruments and tools!

4. Estate Sales and Antique Stores

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Estate sales and antique stores are treasure troves of unique items for the home. Housewares and furniture are typically considerably less than retail. Moreover, the romantics can feel like they are getting a unique and beautiful piece for their home, giving it a second life.

One frequenter of estate sales notes, “Items like dishes, coffee mugs, cooking utensils, flatware, etc. are often sold in box lots, which frequently can be picked up for $1-$2 per box.”

Why buy the pretty but overpriced glassware at World Market when you can find something as lovely at an antique store? If nothing else, there is joy in wandering around and perusing these shops and sales.

5. Invest in Multipurpose Kitchen Appliances

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If you eat out less, some of the best investments are the appliances you can utilize in multiple ways. These include crock pots, slow cookers, and bread machines. All of these appliances help make a myriad of foods, prepare numerous meals, and can take away much of the hassle.

As one person says, a bread machine is excellent for bread but also something like pizza dough. Instead of spending money on mediocre takeout pizza, you can create your own from scratch. You can also freeze any leftover dough. And trust me, it will last.

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6. Creative Party Planning

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One creative parent suggests that one of the most fun hacks is planning their “kids’ birthday parties and coming up with creative and inexpensive ideas.” They also assert that saving money is doable by baking a cake instead of buying a fancy one, printing out your own decorations, and stretching your creative skills. This may sound like a great deal of work. But it can also be fun and at a fraction of the cost.

7. Get Organized

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Organizing one’s life may seem like an obscure way to save money. But as one very wise and savvy saver raves, it can be invaluable. As they claim, being organized prevents you from purchasing duplicates of things, hence, unnecessary spending.

Moreover, they claim they never have to “panic [buy] last minute gifts and cards” and that “leftovers are labeled and frozen and built into the following week’s meal plan.” You can save money and alleviate a lot of stress. It is a win-win situation.

8. Use Bags of Rags Instead of Paper Towels

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Paper towels and napkins are money guzzlers. They go quickly and can be some of the most frequently bought household items yearly.

You can purchase bags of rags that do not go straight into the trash after one use. Several people say you can use old shirts for cleaning rags and do small loads of laundry periodically. As they astutely note, you can re-use the same cloth “thousands of times.”

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9. Do Your Own Car Maintenance and Home Repairs

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Only some home repairs or car maintenance are possible for the average person. For those repairs that are feasible and realistic, saving money is inevitable. YouTube can be your best friend in guiding many issues that may arise.

One person assures that while investing money in expensive tools feels risky, “they’ll last you for a lifetime, and in the long run, save you more than they’re worth.” Safety is imperative, but don’t let the unknown discourage you.

10. Go to the Movie Theater on Tuesdays

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Going to the movie theater these days is quite an expense. Some skip watching movies in theaters and opt to watch them at home because of the high price. But movie theaters are a magical experience. So, as several suggest, if you can go during the week (typically Tuesdays), matinee prices can be as low as $5 or $6. These deals are available at Regal and AMC theaters.

While only feasible for some, for others, it can be a great money saver without sacrificing this unique and incredible experience. Plus, you can splurge on the concession with the money saved. But shhh, don’t tell anyone- if I’m not in the popcorn mood, I always sneak in my own candy.

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