The Vast Majority Would Give up Social Media, TV or Their Phone in Exchange for an Extra Hour in Their Day

Clocks across Florida “fell back” one hour on Nov. 6 as daylight saving time ended, a welcome change for the 57% of Jacksonville and Orlando residents who feel they do not have enough time to finish daily tasks, according to a new study from Goodyear (NASDAQ: GT).

To better understand how locals can benefit from an extra hour in their day, Roll by Goodyear, a new time-saving tire installation service in Jacksonville and Orlando, surveyed* more than 1,000 local residents ahead of what could be the final year the clocks change in Florida for daylight saving.

The study revealed that, on average, Jacksonville and Orlando residents said they need three additional hours per day to work through the tasks they’re expected to complete. In fact, locals are so strapped for time that two in three respondents would give up social media, TV, or their phone just for an extra hour back in their day.

More key highlights from the Roll by Goodyear survey:


  • Time back is so appealing to Jacksonville adults that 85% said they would love to give people an extra hour in their day as a birthday gift.
  • When asked about activities most neglected in their daily lives due to a lack of time, sleep (51%), exercise (46%), quality time with friends and family (44%), and self-care (43%) topped all responses.
  • When asked what an extra hour in their day would be used for, Jacksonville respondents prioritized quality time with family and friends (38%) and getting more sleep (35%).


  • The search for more time is even more profound among Orlando parents, with 80% saying the time change on Nov. 6 will make a difference in their day.
  • While sleep was most neglected in Orlandoans’ daily lives (56%), locals prioritized quality time with family and friends (42%) and exercise (35%) if given an extra hour in their day.
  • Orlando likes the idea of gifting “time back” even more than Jacksonville, with 89% of local respondents saying they would love to give an hour back as a birthday gift.


*Survey Methodology 

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company conducted an online survey among n = 1,029 residents in Jacksonville and Orlando, FL that over the age of 18. The survey was conducted between Oct. 7-14, 2022, and has a market-specific margin of error of +/- 4 percentage at a 95 percent confidence level.


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