This Is What Britney Spears, Amber Heard, and Jason Momoa Would Earn if They Join OnlyFans

OnlyFans has become a lucrative side business for both young and more mature celebrities who, for various reasons, have decided to join this relatively new and exciting platform.

So, we asked the obvious question – how much other popular celebs such as Britney SpearsJason Momoa, or Amber Heard could make on the website?

We picked 30 names, including singers, Hollywood stars, and influencers, and calculated how much they could earn using the methodology proposed by the OnlyFans earnings calculator. We based our calculations on the number of followers celebrities have on Instagram. We also used the average OnlyFans subscription fee for September 2022, which was $7.20 per month.

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Here are a few key takeaways:

• Britney Spears could be the top-earning pop star on OnlyFans, potentially making nearly $20 million per month, followed by Halsey, who could earn a little over $14 million a month

• Despite the negative publicity surrounding the defamation trial against Johnny Depp, Amber Heard could be making a decent amount of money on OnlyFans, roughly $2.44 million a month

• Jason Momoa, who separated from his wife Lisa Bonet in January, could be earning $7.88 million a month if he joined the platform right now


onlyfans top 30 celebrities

OnlyFans is reportedly bringing in extra millions to celebrities and influencers who are willing to share some spicy content with their followers.

An increasing number of actors, singers, and professional athletes are turning to OnlyFans where even more controversial posts wouldn’t get their accounts suspended. Recently, a research publisher Statista reported that U.S. model and TV personality Blac Chyna was OnlyFans’ top earner in 2021, making $20 million a month.

While this is probably just a rough estimate, social media exploded with reactions to this shocking number and inspired the team at BonusInsider to analyze the monthly earnings of the top celebrities who joined the platform.

Celebrities Who Could Be Making Millions if They Joined Onlyfans

Dozens of social media personalities, athletes, and reality TV stars have already signed up for OnlyFans, making good money as a side hustle. Many more are said to be considering it since OnlyFans is no longer seen strictly as a platform for explicit content. Some creators use the website to promote their music, art, or craft through exclusive releases, paid tutorials, etc. So, we’ve decided to round up some interesting or controversial celebs who have been known to be more open-minded (at least in terms of nudity) and see how much they could earn if they were to join OnlyFans right now.

We also included a few names that have been previously associated with the platform, such as Cardi B. The rapper signed up with OnlyFans in 2020, and according to media reports, she made nearly $10 million a month last year. She then deleted her page, so we’ve calculated how much she could earn if she resumes her activity on the platform. It turns out that Cardi B could be the most successful star with an OnlyFans profile, cashing in on her huge fan base that includes 139 million Instagram followers.

The Methodology Behind the Research

We looked at the top celebrity creators on OnlyFans and calculated how much they could earn based on their Instagram followers and the monthly subscription fee for their OnlyFans accounts. But first, let’s see how the website works – there are three ways to generate revenue on OnlyFans:

  • monthly subscription (min. $4.99, max. $49.99; some accounts are free to view for registered users)
  • pay-per-view fee (max. $50)
  • one-off tips via private message (max. $100)

The website takes a 20% commission on all payments received by creators. The platform’s calculator allows you to see how much you can earn by choosing a subscription fee and entering the number of followers you have. The calculation is based on an estimate of between 1% and 5% of your followers subscribing. For our estimate, we took an even higher percentage for those who have subscribed (8%), considering the creators are popular influencers, models, and TV personalities.

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