Donald Trump Urges Republicans to Vote Against Spending Bill

Donald Trump has advised his fellow Republicans to vote against the “disastrous” legislation that is the 2023 spending bill.

Not a Fan

Trump posted his opinion on Truth Social, lashing out at some of the provisions that are included in the bill.

“Every single Republican should vote no on the ludicrous, unacceptable $1.7 trillion omnibus spending bill. It’s a disaster for our country. Biden in the radical Democrats are trying to ram through this monstrosity in the dark of night when no one has even had a chance to read. It’s over 4,000 pages crammed with left-wing disasters, Washington betrayals, and special interest sellouts all designed to keep the corruption going without lifting a single finger to solve the problems.”

Last Minute Decision

Congress has until Friday to vote on the 2023 budget. Trump was especially critical of the lack of legislation for immigration. He also pointed out that it is a huge issue that so many of the United States military resources are going to foreign aid.

“This bill will make the border worse, it will make crime worse, it will make the economy worse. It will make inflation worse, it will make every single one of Joe Biden’s total catastrophes even more ruinous and damaging to our country. Our country is going to hell because of what they’ve done in the last two years. Passing a spending bill now, before Republicans take control of Congress on Jan. 3 would squander a best chance to hold Biden fully accountable and force him to secure the border in the new year.”

Congress is doing its best to push the bill through before Republicans take over the House in January.

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