Chris Christie Slams Donald Trump for Promoting “Intolerance”

With growing anti-Semitism and Islamophobia flaring in the US and around the world, Republican Hopeful (and former failed candidate) Chris Christie has turned on his former darling Donald Trump.

On a recent appearance on CNN’s State of the Union, Christie called out Donald Trump’s “intolerance” and blamed him for the growing anti-Semitism in the US. 

Intolerance for Everyone

“When you show intolerance towards everyone, which is what he does, you give permission as a leader for others to have their intolerance come out,” Christie said.

He continued, “Intolerance towards anyone encourages intolerance to everyone”. 

He says that Donald Trump is not the only one to blame. He called out University presidents for allowing anti-Semitism to flourish on their campuses. he said. “and there should be no campus in this country, where a Jewish student is afraid to leave their dorm, where a Jewish student is afraid to go to their classes. A Jewish student is afraid to go to even have a meal in the dining hall. I mean, that is outrageous, and it’s wrong.”

He concluded by adding that Donald Trump is the one who has allowed this kind of behavior and intolerance to continue, “Look, I think that there have been a lot of people contributed to it. and I believe Donald Trump’s intolerant language and intolerant conduct gives others permission to act the same.”

The Truth Matter

Chris Christie is currently running for President as the Republican nominee, under the motto, “The Truth Matters”. The Republican presidential race is overshadowed by the fact that Former President Donald Trump, currently the front-runner is currently facing criminal indictments and is actually on trial for numerous crimes. It is not entirely sure if he will be allowed to be on the ballot in all states and whether the Republicans will officially nominate another presidential candidate. 

Previous Presidential Run

This is Christie’s second presidential run. He ran in the election in 2016, where Donald Trump won the Republican nomination and subsequently, the presidency. Once a staunch Trump supporter, Christie has turned against Trump and has become one of the only current Republican candidates to directly take on and criticize Trump. 

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