I Need Help Saving Money

A good way to save money

“I need help saving money”
“Help me save money”

Does that sound familiar? Is that you? Whether you are actually asking the question or googling “ways to save money” or “help me save money” or if this is just part of your inner monologue then this post is for you.

help me save money

I Need Help Saving Money

Some people have no problem saving money. They regularly put aside savings and are good. Some people literally do not have a dime to put into savings. If you are any of those people than this really won’t help you.

This is for people who have money but need help actually saving it. It may seem that as soon as you get the money it slips right out of your fingers or bank account. There never seems to be any money left at the end of the month to put away. Not even a dime. Well, I am here to help you

You need to lie. Yup, you heard me. You need to lie to yourself.

I find that whatever money I have to spend gets spent. If I have $100 to spend on groceries than I will spend $100 on groceries. This is the same whether is on food, clothing, toys, Yom Tov, holidays, etc. the money that you have will get spent.

Tricking yourself to help save money

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$1,000 Savings Challenge

The $1,000 Savings Challenge



Do you have $1,000 in savings?

I really want the answer to be a resounding YES! But I have a feeling that for many of you the answer is a resounding NO!

Are you struggling to get ahead? Do you feel like you work hard but never seem to make a difference in your finances? It seems like every day is a juggling act and no matter how hard you work or how many pennies you pinch or how many dimes you stretch you never seem to gain any traction.

The only way to step out of this cycle and actually get ahead is to have savings. Real savings. Having money set aside- first for emergencies, then for life, then for investing- is the way to get out of the rut of paycheck to paycheck living.

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