Mitigating the Damage

Mitigating the Damage

There are times when you should be trying to make more money and to pay down debt and save money. There are times when you should try to make calculations about whether your time is worth the money you are making. Maybe there are times when you should be focusing on cutting big fixed costs (such as housing, cars etc.)

But then there are times in crises when those things are just not possible.

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How to Set a Gift Giving Budget for Your Family

I’m so excited to share this guest post by Anne from Unique Gifter!

Like every other category in your life, gifts need to be budgeted for too. Whether it’s those little expenses here and there for office baby showers and kids’ birthday parties or big purchases for birthdays and holidays, gift giving can really throw off your budget if you’re not prepared. If you don’t already have one in place, here’s how to set a gift giving budget for your family.

gift giving budget

How to Set a Gift Giving Budget for Your Family

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A Women’s Place

International Women’s Day

It’s International Women’s Day and I want to speak directly to some of the women who are hopefully reading this blog.

A Women's Place

Managing Finances in a Traditional Marriage

I am in what you would call a “traditional marriage” and I think this gives me specific insight into this issue. Being in a traditional marriage does not mean that you have to give up your knowledge- especially when it comes to finances. You can be a great wife who trusts and respects her husband and still know what is happening with your husband. Even if your husband “deals with these things” does not mean you are exempt from having at least a basic sense of the state of your finances.

Ladies: you need to need to know the status of your finances.

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