Her Brother Wants Her To Give Her a House She Bought Because He Has a Large Family

A Reddit user shared an interesting story that went viral quickly about how her brother was forcing her to leave a house she bought for herself to him.

The OP comes from a poor family and she wanted to have the best in life. After working hard she was able to buy a house, a brand new car, and build another house for her parents. The problem is her younger brother. At 25, he is jobless and takes odd jobs as a tourist guide. They live in the Philippines.

The brother is married, has 5 kids, and another one is on the way.

He told his sister that he wanted to talk to her and she invited him to her house. She gave him a tour of the new house and he was very impressed and excited to bring his kids there. The OP agreed thinking that he meant the kids would come visit. When they sat down to talk, the brother revealed that he wanted her to give the house to him.

Since the OP had just bought another house for her parents, she wanted to clarify what the brother meant. He told her that he wanted her house. He told her that her house was big enough to accommodate his whole family and she would be welcome to visit whenever she liked. He also told her that if she wanted to stay there she could always modify the maid’s room to her liking.

In shock, she asked him where the idea came from and he told her that their mother had told him that she would give the house to him. She corrected him and they began an argument. He told her that since his mother had said the house was his there was nothing she could do except give the house to him. The OP called the mother who surprisingly sided with the brother.

Her family cut her off and her parents disowned her until she would agree to give the house to her brother. Her father had fallen ill because of this fight. The OP’s boyfriend told her to give the brother the house and he would help her buy another one to prevent the issue from escalating.

The OP turned to Reddit to hear other people’s opinions and advice on what to do.

The Masses Weigh In

Reddit users overwhelmingly sided with the OP with many noting how entitled the family was and urged her to stand her ground.

One said, “The family’s entitlement is quite frankly astounding.”

“The family’s entitlement is just astounding. They’re the ones that bit the hand that feed them, they have no one to blame but themselves for Op’s dad losing his medical insurance. All of them were just leeches sucking Op dry. Why couldn’t they ask Op’s brother to help them? Since they’re so keen on siding with the golden child, they should have asked him for help,” said another user.

According to another user, the brother expected her to give him everything she had worked hard for, “The funny thing is that if the brother had asked for help, OP probably would have been happy to help. It’s the fact he automatically assumed she would give him everything she worked for and the entitlement had zero filter.”

Another wondered how bringing down one child would help the other, “I do feel some curiosity about where this kind of things take place, I know this happens, but I can’t imagine WHY some parents will shit in one kid’s success to bring out another. That’s the most stupid thing ever, if I were OOP’s parents I’ll worship the ground she walks by.”

Cash Cow

Many users pointed out that OP’s family treated her as the cash cow. One said, “That whole family treated her like a cash cow and got upset when she wanted to live in the house SHE BOUGHT. Also her mom is a real piece of work”

Another added, “They’ll do all of this to the family member that’s actually helping the family…but they won’t tell the bum brother to get a job and to stop making kids he can’t afford.”

According to the OP, the mother had no right to give away property she didn’t own, “The nerve of the brother (who’s breeding as if it were a sport) asking for his sister’s newly bought house that she worked hard and payed for?? And the mother just giving it away without consulting her as if she didn’t been helping them in life??? What is wrong with people?? Its not op problem that her brother keeps popping kids without having enough money.” 

This Is an Abusive Culture

A user noted that this culture was not progressive, “So glad some of this abusive cultural crap is finally starting to be exposed. the younger generations are starting to see they don’t owe people for giving birth to them. It is one thing to want to help, it’s another to demand and abuse it.”

“No, it’s not a “culture” thing. Helping family/friends is universal, BUT in this case, they are taking advantage of you. You think your brother would give you HIS house? That would be one thing, but I doubt it. NTA. Not even on Pluto. You’re better without relatives who do nothing but take advantage,” said another user.

Would you have given up your house to your brother because his family was larger you go live in the maid’s room? 


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