He Bought All the Red Gatorade at the Store, Leaving None, Even Though a Mom Wanted Some for Her Kids

A Reddit user shared an interesting story about how a mom got upset because he bought all the Gatorade at the store and she wanted to buy some for her kids.

The OP is a big fan of Gatorade and for good reason. He suffers from low blood sugar and dehydration so the doctor recommended he drinks Gatorade to keep his electrolytes in balance. He is also neurodivergent meaning it is hard for him to change things and try new flavors. The red Gatorade is the only one he likes.

He went to the grocery store and found that they had just restocked the red Gatorade. He grabbed the bottles and put them in the cart. As he walked away a mom with two kids approached him and asked him if he could spare a few bottles as they were her kids’ favorite flavor and they were out of stock at their local store. He told her he was buying them for his health and he could not spare any.

The mother became upset and told him he was being selfish and he should think about others. She told him to take the blue Gatorade instead.

She stormed off eventually.

The OP came to Reddit to find out whether he was wrong in refusing to give her a few bottles.  After being grilled by users he said the doctor did not specify which color or flavor to take but since he had OCD he could not change his routine.

The Masses Weigh In

The post went viral quickly with most people noting that the OP acted selfishly. Someone told him that had the roles been reversed he would have been infuriated, “And I guarantee you if you arrived and this mom did the same thing and took literally all of your special drink as soon as it was stocked you would be infuriated.”

Another asked him whether he would have died if he spared one or two bottles, “…you are acting like your health would be at great risk if you had two bottles less.” Another added, “Give me a break. You were just being greedy and selfish.”

According to another user, taking the entire stock was selfish, “ taking the entire restocked box (not just, like, the last one or two) is just inconsiderate. You could even have taken 75% and had some leftover for others.”

“You could have spared one bottle out of fifteen. I get that you feel you need it and she only wants it, but you don’t know that her kids aren’t also neurodiverse (and she doesn’t have to share that with you if they are). She shouldn’t have yelled at you, but she’s right, it’s selfish behavior,” added another user.

There was no way he could take all that at once according to another user, “You bought a quantity of red Gatorade that will last you a week or a fortnight depending on your consumption, from the information you describe. There is really no reason why you needed to take all that at once rather than purchase some at a later date as well.”

A user suffering from the same condition had some words of advice to give to him, “Not for having an OCD and for following it, I’m autistic and I have some OCDs too, I know how it can feel to you, but that is absolutely no excuse to take literally everything. I can only eat and drink certain things and when I go grocery shopping, I take only as much as I need until my next shopping trip. You easily could have spared some Gatorade for them.

So stop using your OCD as an excuse and be a decent human being.”

Would you support OP’s reasoning on this one or do you think he was being selfish?


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