Book Reveals Biden Was ANNOYED With Kamala Harris at the Start of His Presidency For Complaining

An unreleased book allegedly reveals that Joe Biden was annoyed with Kamala Harris when he first took office. Her husband was apparently complaining about her policy portfolio, which got on Biden’s nerves.

It’s Your Duty

In his upcoming book, Chris Whipple claims that Biden was put out because he felt he had not asked Kamala to do anything he didn’t do as the vice president.

“He hadn’t asked Harris to do anything he hadn’t done as vice president — and she’d begged him for the voting rights assignment.”

Another White House advisor reportedly said that Harris’s inner circle was not doing a good job of counseling her.

Harris has been consistently polling poorly with regard to public approval. 53% of voters disapprove of the job she is doing as vice president, while only 39% approve.

Chris Whipple is the bestselling author of the book “The Gatekeepers.” His latest work, “The Fight of His Life,” will be out on January 17th.

White House staff reportedly had to have their quotes approved before they were put in the book, and Biden and Harris declined to answer some more sensitive questions.

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