Black Friday at Amazon

When you are on a tight budget you need to be as strategic as possible when shopping for big purchases. Although we try to be as minimalistic as possible it’s still important for kids to feel like they’re getting similar gifts to their peers, especially during the holiday season.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday is a time when I do a lot of my shopping. Although there are many who decry the materialism of Black Friday (and I don’t disagree that it has become a little out of hand) there are valuable sales to be had on those days. I specifically save up and budget for the things I am going to buy on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Don’t forget: a deal is only a deal if you can afford it!

Things I look out for: toys and games for presents, appliances I will need in the house, and big purchases coming up.

Last year I was pregnant on Black Friday. I specifically spent time looking for discounts, coupons, promo codes, coupon codes for baby related things that I knew I would need. Slickdeals is a great place to look for these type of things. They have a specific Amazon Slickdeals Page to help you prepare and find all the things that will be going on sale and are on sale on Black Friday and Cyber Monday at Amazon. (As an aside, Slickdeals is a site I go to often to see what is on sale and what freebies are around. It’s a way for me to be constantly looking for deals).

Last year, I budgeted and spent a lot of money at Amazon for the baby. I knew that I would have to buy these things so I’d rather buy them when they are on sale then later on. I bought a bassinet, some clothes, and some basic baby and nursing supplies. I also looked for some good PlayMobil deals for Chanukah presents for my kids (they were obsessed) but I didn’t find.

This year I am not pregnant and money is particularly tight (thank you Covid) so I am not planning on doing a huge shopping. I am going to be checking Slickdeals to see if there are any toy sales (presents!) or any tablet deals (Hurray for virtual schooling!). If there are any great deals on crafts and other supplies or books, I could put in my quarantine box (which is taken out when we are in strict quarantine and self-isolation) then I will buy them too.

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