TikTok’s Latest Obsession: Unveiling the ‘Creepy Minnie Mouse’ Phenomenon

A Minnie Mouse video on TikTok is going viral and being called “Creepy” and making users “Sick.”

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is the “it” show for kids these days. Everyone is watching it but some users have noticed something really creepy.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Little girl watching mickey mouse educational program video on youtube using digital tablet. Mickey Mouse is a famous cartoon character from Disney.
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The theme song will drive you crazy from hearing it every single day, but the kids love it.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse are classic characters, but a TikToker pointed out that there is something bizarre going on with Minnie’s ears.

Minnie the Satellite

Philadelphia, PA - November 24, 2016: Mickey and Minnie Mouse ride in a carriage in the annual Thanksgiving Day parade.
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In TikToker Meghan Davis’ original post, she pointed out that Minnie’s ears actually rotate around her head in a really creepy way.

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In the video, Minnie is singing as she walks toward a Christmas tree and she twirls a couple times as she approaches.

If you look closely, you can see that in the animation, Minnie’s ears do a full 360-degree rotation around her head as she’s spinning in a circle. Viewers were horrified by Disney’s animation choices.

They called Minnie Mouse creepy and said it made them sick.

TikTok Reacts

Young pretty blonde woman shouting aggressively, looking very angry, frustrated, outraged or annoyed, screaming
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TikTok reacted to the creepy Minnie Mouse,


Another user said they were glad they were given a “don’t scream” warning. “I’m glad you said don’t scream cause I would’ve SCREAMED! my poor animator heart.”

It Makes Me Ill

angry woman
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Another user said it makes them physically sick. “SAMEEEEE it makes me ill”

Another user clearly wishes he could unsee the video. “you did not have to bring this to my attention.”

“Why are they STILL ROTATING while she’s standing still bye,” another user said.

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