Biden Midterm Report: How America is RATING the President

Americans from around the country rated Biden’s performance in the economy, immigration, foreign relations, and climate change.

The results were mixed, with some thinking Biden could do a lot better and others satisfied with what he’s accomplished so far.

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On the Economy

Fox News interviewed Americans across the country to determine their opinions on Biden’s performance in various areas.

When asked about his performance with regard to the economy, a Nebraska resident said, “On the economy, I would give Joe Biden an F. We’re still dealing with rampant inflation. Our gas prices have been skyrocketing ever since he canceled the pipeline.”

When asked the same question, a Texas resident had a very different answer. “He’s doing a good job keeping it together and trying to help people that need it.”

On Immigration

A Phoenix, Arizona resident was asked about how they felt Biden handled the border crisis. She gave Biden a failing grade.

“We’re in Texas right now. They literally had a thousand people come in in one day,”

The same Texan, however, gave Biden a C or a D. “It really isn’t his fault. That’s a generational problem that’s gonna take a long time to correct,” he admitted.

On Foreign Relations

The Nebraska resident gave Biden an F on foreign relations, especially in the context of the Russian war against Ukraine.

We’ve kind of given a blank check to the war in Ukraine. We shouldn’t just be giving people money to engage in wars that we may not have really an interest in.”

An Austin, Texas, resident agreed with the Nebraskan. “He’s not presenting the United States in a positive light,” she said.

On Climate Change

A woman gave Biden a failing grade when it comes to his handling of climate change in the United States. “I haven’t heard actual action steps or plans that they’re implementing.”

The Austin resident shared her sentiment. We’ve gone through giant strides of technology to get the United States clean, where he supports China. And China is one of the dirtiest countries as far as climate goes.”

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