Amy Coney Barrett Endorses Ethics Rules for Supreme Court

Conservative Justice Amy Coney Barrett, during her speech at the University of Minnesota Law School, expressed her willingness to endorse a code of conduct for the Supreme Court. She addressed recent concerns about justices not meeting ethical standards and stated that it would be prudent to implement such guidelines. Barrett suggested that the justices widely support principles akin to those enforced for lower court judges.

Time For a Code

She emphasized the unanimous agreement among all nine justices regarding the imperative of adhering to the highest ethical standards possible. Barrett’s statement signified her recognition of the need for greater transparency and accountability within the Supreme Court.

Notably, Barrett did not directly address the ethics issue during a previous public event in August. However, she did highlight the court’s adherence to existing regulations, citing the mandatory annual filing of financial disclosure reports by federal judges. This move reflects her commitment to upholding the judiciary’s integrity and ethics.

Amy Coney Barrett refrained from addressing the court’s delay in adopting a code, despite congressional and ethics experts’ urging. When asked about it, she replied, “That’s something I can’t really speak for the court about or make any sort of guess about.”

Bending the Rules

Under scrutiny, the court faced allegations of ethics breaches following an April ProPublica report exposing Justice Clarence Thomas’ undisclosed trips from Republican donor Harlan Crow. Thomas defended his actions, asserting they were “personal hospitality,” exempt from disclosure under the previous judicial rules—rules subsequently revised.

Addressing the ethics issue has garnered support from members of Congress, with some advocating for legislation. Alternatively, the court itself could tackle the matter by implementing its ethics code.

Several justices have expressed their endorsement of a new ethics code. Liberal Justice Elena Kagan voiced her approval, considering it a positive development, while conservative Justice Brett Kavanaugh expressed optimism about taking “concrete steps” soon.

Chief Justice John Roberts conveyed in May that the justices are actively exploring avenues to uphold the highest ethical standards.

In April, the justices issued a statement reaffirming their commitment to ethical principles. However, this announcement fell short of quelling criticism and concerns.

Trump Throws His Own Son Under The Bus In Effort To Evade Jail Time

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 26, 2018: President Donald Trump pauses while listening to a reporter ask questions at the press conference held at the Lotte Palace Hotel in the Villard Room.
Image Credit: Evan El-Amin/Shutterstock.

Donald Trump has dragged many people down a bad path with him, landing many of his cronies, colleagues, and underlings into legal trouble with him. Unfortunately for them, it seems their loyalty to him isn’t being repaid. 

Even his own children are being thrown under the bus while Trump looks to save his skin.

Trump Throws His Own Son Under the Bus in Effort To Evade Jail Time

Alleged Bribery Scheme Could Be The Nail In The Coffin For Trump

Donald Trump
Photo Credit: Evan El-Amin/ Shutterstock.

Is this the end for Former President Trump? Have we uncovered the final nail in the coffin?

Former President Donald Trump has not been having the best of luck lately. With his recent indictment, his legal troubles counting to mount.

Alleged Bribery Scheme Could Be the Nail in the Coffin for Trump

AOC Claps Back At Marjorie Taylor Greene On TWITTER, “In Case You Forgot, We Sit On The Same Committee”

Photo Credit: Shutterstock.

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez,(D-NY), known as AOC, and Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), known as MTG, sit on opposite sides of the aisle, and they are both known for being outspoken for their particular political parties.

AOC Claps Back at Marjorie Taylor Greene on TWITTER, “In Case You Forgot, We Sit on the Same Committee”

Trump Brags About Not Testifying In January 6th Investigation, “What Are The CONSEQUENCES?”

donald trump MSN 1
Photo Credit: Shutterstock.

Former President Trump took to Truth Social to brag about not having to testify in the January 6th investigation.

Trump Brags About Not Testifying in January 6th Investigation, “What Are the CONSEQUENCES?”

MAGA “Family-Values” Congresswoman Lauren Boebert Files For Divorce From Her Husband

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert speaks during CPAC Texas 2022 conference at Hilton Anatole in Dallas, TX on August 6, 2022.
Image Credit: lev radin via Shutterstock.

Lauren Boebert, one of the U.S. Representatives for Colorado, who has become notorious for her right-wing rhetoric and her MAGA allegiances, has filed for divorce from her husband. They have been married for almost two decades and have four children.

MAGA “Family-Values” Congresswoman Lauren Boebert Files for Divorce From Her Husband

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