8 Practically Free Nights of Hanukkah/Channuka/ Hanuka/ Channukah Fun!

I have to use all the spelling variations so people can find this on google no matter how they spell it!

Channukah is coming!

I always try to make Channukah special in my house but its not so easy constantly thinking of new ideas and activities to do. Add a budget to that and…. I’m always wracking my brains for fun, child-friendly things to do that DON’T involve spending money or giving presents. I want Channukah to be a real fun time for my kids (and myself!) which is hard, especially when the kids have school and I have work.

We always light candles and sing songs but that doesn’t take us very long and we have a whole night ahead of us with not that much to do. After the kids are asleep I always want to keep the “magic” and “special feeling” going but again- there are only so many times you can eat plain latkes (even if you switch off applesauce and sour cream!)

I do give my kids some presents on Channukah but I keep them very low-key and we only do that one night. I know some people like to give presents every night but not only can I not afford that I don’t want Channukah to be about the presents. It’s about the triumph of good over evil, about keeping our religion in the face of obstacles, about NOT letting materialism run our lives, about being a light onto the nations.

I created a list here of things to do every night of Channuka. Each night has its own “theme” so-to speak.

8 Nights of Channukah Fun:

  1. Decorate your house for Channukah with 8 Channukah Crafts
  2. Eat Latkes with our 8 Nights of Latkes
  3. Act out the story of Channukah with 8 Ways to Make the Story of Channukah Come Alive
  4. Eat Sufiganiyot with 8 Nights of Sufganiyot (Doughnuts)
  5. Play Dreidel with 8 Nights of Dreidel
  6. Host a party (even if only for your immediate family) with 8 Ways to Make a Special Channukah Party
  7. Play a Channukah game with 8 Chanukah Games
  8. Make Shabbos Channukah special with 8 Ways to Make Shabbos Channuka Special

8 Nights of Channuka Fun

Now What?

Now you may think that this list is a bit thin and paltry and YOU WOULD BE RIGHT!

Which is why if you sign up here I will be sending you 8 lists of 8.

What does that mean?

Starting from the day BEFORE Channukah you will get straight into your inbox 8 ideas to expand on each of the 8 themes. For example, I will send you 8 different crafts and ideas to decorate your house for Channuka. All these ideas will be posted on my blog so you will have 64 cheap ideas with which to celebrate Channuka. Most will be kid-friendly but a few will be great for adults as well!

I am not promising free things. Most things have some cost associated with them- after all potatoes and onions cost money! But they will be frugal and on the cheap side. No expensive ideas happening here!

Do you have any ways that you make Channukahin your house special? I’d love to hear it!

Don’t forget to sign up for my special Channuka mailing list to get 64 great Channuka ideas!


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