5 Easy, Frugal Soup Recipes to Warm You Up

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When the weather gets chilly there is nothing like a nice soup to warm you up! Here are some easy and frugal soup recipes to warm you up this winter. All of these are being added to my repertoire of recipes that I make for my family.  

Here is the thing with frugal recipes: it really is very seasonal and regional. I can share with you my frugal soup recipes but if you live in a different region or its the wrong season than it won’t be necessarily cheap.

There is nothing inherently frugal about a certain recipe or a food item. They are frugal if they cost less than other things. If you are in a place or position where you get certain items for cheap or free than those things are frugal for you.

Food is one of a family’s biggest expenses so it would behoove you to try to find recipes that are cheap and easy to make.

Make it Frugal for You

That being said, there are certain foods and food groups which are usually cheaper and more filling than other foods. The “classic frugal foods”. The important thing is to be flexible when cooking and planning meals. If there is an ingredient that is expensive FOR YOU, then don’t purchase it. Substitute it with something cheaper or more readily available.

Keep in mind the season and region that you are in when planning a meal. I also try to stay away from store-bought chicken and vegetable stocks by making my own out of scraps.

A Dime Saved Cookbook = Affordable Eating

With all these caveats in mind, I find that soup is usually a great, frugal food. There are some soups that use only “frugal” ingredients like the Wheat Bean and Barley soup, but there are some soups that are just cheaper than making a traditional meal. For example, the Asian Chicken Noodle Soup is cheaper than making chicken and a side dish. It uses less chicken than if you were to serve a piece of chicken to each person.

So, serve yourself a bowl of these delicious, frugal soups and don’t forget to freeze the rest so you can have a delicious lunch or supper (or breakfast- who cares?) without any work. These are all frugal soup recipes that I regularly make. They are all kosher (or can be easily adapted to be Kosher).

5 Delicious Frugal Soup Recipes to Make

5 frugal Soups pin

White Bean and Barley Soup with Tomatoes and Greens:

Link to recipe here

This is a great soup that relies on only plant-based ingredients so its super budget-friendly and filling! Leave out the parmesan for additional savings. I also substituted Swiss chard for the kale and you can also use celery leaves.

Vegetarian Black-Bean Chili

Link to recipe here.

This is my go-to lunch! It is DELICOUS! It also happens to be very easy to make and vegetarian which usually means super cheap. I try to use dried black beans instead of canned (soaked and boiled) to save even more. This also freezes very well. You can serve with toppings (sour cream is really, really good) or just serve it plain.

Parker’s Split Pea Soup Recipe

Link to recipe here.

I like this recipe because unlike so many other split pea soup recipes it doesn’t call for ham (not kosher) or another meat. Split peas are usually dirt cheap and the rest of the ingredients don’t really cost that much either so it’s the definition of a frugal soup recipe.

Vegetable Barley Soup

Link to recipe here.

This soup is super simple, super basic and super delicious. As written in the original recipe, it is so easy to swap out the ingredients for whatever works for you at the time. So whatever isn’t on sale can be swapped for something that is and whatever you don’t have in the house just leave out! I actually love all of BudgetBytes’s recipes and use her site often to find great and budget-friendly recipes!

Asian Chicken Noodle Soup

Link to recipe here.

I wasn’t sure if I should include this because it does have ingredients that are not usually found in most people’s homes which means spending money on ingredients. It also calls for chicken which is not as cheap as beans. But it is cheaper than meat! However, like I said before, it’s cheaper than making a chicken and side dish to serve for a supper. Also, THIS IS SO GOOD!

If you are sick, YOU MUST MAKE AND EAT THIS. I know I sound a bit dramatic but this soup was literally so healing to eat. You know the drama over Bubby’s chicken soup and how it makes you feel instantly better? Well, this is even better than that. It really is that good so it gets included because it’s my blog and I can do what I want.

Eating Healthy on a Budget is not difficult!

Whenever you need a quick hack to stretch your meal- make a frugal soup!

Do you have any frugal soup recipes that you like to make on a cold winter day? I’d love to hear your recommendations!

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