30 Money Saving Tips Frugal People Are Using in 2024

Need extra cash? Whether you’re saving for a dream vacation or retirement, it can be tough to know where to start. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Check out these tips to get extra cash in your pockets fast.

1. Shop During Sales and Clearance Events

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Take advantage of discounts during sales and clearance events to score great deals.

2. Avoid Bottled Water

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Invest in a reusable water bottle and fill it up from the tap to save on bottled water costs.

3. Cancel Unused Club Memberships

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If you’re not using that fancy club membership, it’s time to cancel and pocket the savings.

4. Use a Library Instead of Buying Books

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Borrow books and other materials from your local library instead of buying them. You can also get audiobooks and e-books from your library for free!

5. DIY Gifts and Crafts

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Create thoughtful gifts and decorations at home instead of buying expensive ones.

6. Rent Tools Instead of Buying

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Save money and space by renting or buying tools for occasional DIY projects.

7. Use Public Parks and Free Activities

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Take advantage of free outdoor activities and community events.

8. Downsize to a Smaller Home

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Consider moving to a smaller, more affordable living space if it makes sense for your lifestyle.

9. Buy Store Brands for Medications

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Generic medications can be just as effective as name brands but cost significantly less.

10. Keep Your Car Well-Maintained

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Regular maintenance can extend your car’s lifespan and improve fuel efficiency.

11. Cancel Cable or Satellite TV

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Cut the cord and opt for streaming services to save on entertainment costs.

12. Switch to a Cheaper Cell Phone Plan

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Shop around for a more affordable cell phone plan that meets your needs.

13. Make Your Coffee at Home

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Brewing your coffee is not only cheaper but allows you to customize your cup just the way you like it.

14. Buy Items When They’re on Sale

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When it comes to money-saving tips, the value of grabbing a good sale can’t be ignored. Stock up on essentials when they go on sale to save in the long run.

15. Fix Electronics Instead of Replacing

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Before tossing out that broken gadget, consider repairing it or seeking professional help.

16. Use Public Wi-Fi Instead of Data

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When possible, connect to public Wi-Fi to reduce data usage and save on your cell phone bill.

17. Set Up a Change Jar

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Collect spare change in a jar and watch it add up over time.

18. Shop Online With Cashback Portals

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Earn cashback on your online purchases by using cashback portals and apps.

19. Use Cloth Diapers for Babies

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Reusable cloth diapers can save you money compared to disposable ones.

20. DIY Landscaping and Gardening

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Maintain your garden and outdoor space yourself to avoid landscaping costs.

21. Skip Extended Warranties

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Most products are covered by warranties already, so avoid paying extra for extended warranties.

22. Refill Ink Cartridges

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Refill ink cartridges instead of buying new ones for your printer.

23. Borrow Instead of Buying

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Jim_Filim via DepositPhotos.com.

Borrow items from friends or family when you need them instead of purchasing new ones. If you need an appliance for a short amount of time, then you can borrow it instead of buying it. 

24. Invest in Energy-Efficient Lighting

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Switch to LED or CFL bulbs for more energy-efficient lighting and lower electricity bills.

25. Use a Bike for Short Trips

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Save on gas and get exercise by biking for short errands and commutes.

26. Buy In-Season Produce

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In-season fruits and vegetables tend to be more affordable and fresher. Go grocery shopping and buy fruit and veggies that are on sale, and then plan your menu around that. 

27. Use Hand-Me-Downs for Kids

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Pass down clothing and toys between siblings or friends to save on kids’ expenses.

28. Install a Programmable Sprinkler System

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Program your sprinklers to water efficiently and save on water bills.

29. Shop at Discount Grocery Stores

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Explore budget-friendly grocery stores for everyday essentials.

30. Take Advantage of Free Community Events

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Find free events and activities in your community for entertainment.

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