Affordable Grocery Shopping

How to Easily Lower Your Grocery Bill

I once read a great article about saving money in the hotel and restaurant industry. The premise was that if you are hired as a new manager then the first thing you should do is to find out which item is costing the company the most money. Then, take that item and put the most effort into finding a deal. Negotiate with suppliers, find a new source, etc. If you save even a small amount of money on that one item- the volume purchased will make the cost savings extremely magnified and worthwhile.

Choosing where to Shop

Money is tight for a lot of people right now and it’s very hard to practice the frugal tips and tricks that we always have used. For example, we can’t really walk around different stores and look for sales, or travel to a few different stores to get the best price. Many people are also relying on grocery delivery which sometimes has additional fees and tips that have to be factored in. it just doesn’t make sense to get deliveries from more than one store even if there are sales at different stores.

Affordable Grocery Shopping

We currently are only going to one supermarket. Although there are a few near our home we are doing our best to reduce our exposure by shopping at only one store every other week. This has definitely impacted our food bills and our ability to shop the sales or take advantage of promos at different stores.

Driving a Mile to Save a Dime

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I Need Help Saving Money

A good way to save money

“I need help saving money”
“Help me save money”

Does that sound familiar? Is that you? Whether you are actually asking the question or googling “ways to save money” or “help me save money” or if this is just part of your inner monologue then this post is for you.

help me save money

I Need Help Saving Money

Some people have no problem saving money. They regularly put aside savings and are good. Some people literally do not have a dime to put into savings. If you are any of those people than this really won’t help you.

This is for people who have money but need help actually saving it. It may seem that as soon as you get the money it slips right out of your fingers or bank account. There never seems to be any money left at the end of the month to put away. Not even a dime. Well, I am here to help you

You need to lie. Yup, you heard me. You need to lie to yourself.

I find that whatever money I have to spend gets spent. If I have $100 to spend on groceries than I will spend $100 on groceries. This is the same whether is on food, clothing, toys, Yom Tov, holidays, etc. the money that you have will get spent.

Tricking yourself to help save money

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7 Ways to be Frugal and Eco-friendly

7 affordable ways to be frugal and eco-friendly


Yesterday was Earth Day and even though it’s a little late I wanted to share some of the frugal things my family and I do that also are environmentally friendly.

Being frugal and being eco-conscious often work hand-in-hand. Here are some cheap and affordable ways to be a little more eco-conscious.

frugal and eco-friendly

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.


Affordable and easy ways to save the earth


The more use we get out of items the more we save money and the more we reduce our footprint on the earth. Less garbage, less energy when getting new items, less waste. All these things go hand-in-hand.

Doing my part to reduce consumption


I am not what you would call a super eco-friendly person. For example, I do use a lot of plastic dishes and silverware, even though it something that I try to cut down on. Going zero-waste or plastic-free is not really in the cards right now but it is something I can aspire to at one point! Of course, being able to make choices like that is a privilege in of itself.  I do try to do my part to save the earth and save money at the same time.


7 ways to be frugal and save the environment

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