Guide to Low-Risk Investing

Thanks to Contrarian Saver for this guest post about low-risk investing.

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No risk appetite? No problem.

You can make anywhere from 10-50% return on your money with these vehicles – with far less risk than the stock market.

We are all seeking greater returns, especially in the days of .01% interest checking accounts and  2% CDs. I personally like the idea of the 8% you can get (historically, of course) in the stock market, but would prefer to get these returns with little or no risk. So what’s a greedy (but nervous) investor like you or I supposed to do?

Well, here are a few ways you can make back your money at 10% or far more – virtually guaranteed:

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How to Celebrate any Holiday on a Dime

How I’m Celebrating Purim on a Dime

With Purim coming and Pesach (Passover) soon after I’ve been a bit busy but I wanted to share with you how I’m planning on handling it financially.

Two words: tax refund. I use Turbo Tax to file my taxes becuase I have been using them for years and I’ve always been happy. Why mess with a good thing?

Thanks to the earned income credit and the child tax credit we are lucky enough to get a nice chunk back from the government.


We always give Maaser (charity) from the refund because we consider it income.  We try very hard to always give Maaser even though things are tight: I think it’s important to remember that even though we aren’t rich: we do have everything we need and a lot of what we want. Not everyone is so lucky. We transfer the money into a separate account and give it out as the opportunities come up.

 Purim and Pesach on a Budget

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The Pyramid of Wealth Building

Building Wealth

I am honored to have a great guest post by newcomer to the Personal Finance Blogging scene: Compounding Works. At Compounding Works, they believe the best investment is in learning, and by compounding it, we will achieve much better financial results.

Using the Pyramid of Wealth Building

The first step to building wealth is to… well, start saving. The savings ladder is a great guide to help you get started. Setting up a budget and save regularly is key to succeed in the long run.

Saving encourages good habits, and protects your future self from both unforeseeable events and planned expenses, such as a wedding, buying a house or retire early.

But just saving isn’t enough, though. If inflation, or the rate at which prices increase over time, continues to rise, your money will loose its value over time, unless you can make it grow faster than inflation rises.

This is where investment comes in. It doesn’t matter if you have $10, $1000, $10,000 or $1,000,000 saved away. If you don’t invest that cash wisely, it will shrink as time goes by and become less valuable.

So how can we invest our cash?


Investing our way to wealth

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