How You are Budgeting Backwards

Are you Budgeting Backwards?

Asking the wrong questions

The one mistake you are making when it comes to creating a budget and how to change your budget to something that works for you.


A question I see raised very often on various forums and social media sites (which I spend way to much time on) is some form of the following explains why so many people are budgeting backwards:

“I’m trying to create a budget and…

How much should I spend on… food or eating out or clothing?

How much does everyone spend on these categories?”

This is a question that comes up again and again usually by people who are attempting to get their finances in order and are trying to start living on a budget.

But they are asking the wrong question.


They are approaching their budget backwards.

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Taking a Break from Frugality

Throwing Frugality out the Window

When its time to stop obsessing and just let it be

Man plans and G-D laughs.

I had a good plan for how to handle my maternity leave. I prepared and strategized based on my experience with my last two kids.

This time is turning out to be a little different. A very complicated and traumatic birth has basically derailed a lot of my plans.

Taking a Break

I am OK and my baby is OK. That is all that matters right now. But i do have to make sure that i take care of myself to the best of my ability. That means that for the next few weeks  or longer, all sense of frugality is just going out the window. There are times when money is not the most important thing in the world. Click To Tweet I am officially taking a break from being frugal. 

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Money Date

Go on a Money Date


Looking for a romantic night with your partner? Maybe you should talk about money.

money date

I’m joking, of course. I know that talking about money isn’t romantic and it may actually be a sore spot in your marriage. I get it. There was a time when talking about anything to do with money made us fight.


But, once you have your money conversations and budget as joint team then you won’t need to fight or be tense about money. Even if you don’t have any money and money stresses you out, dealing with money won’t stress you out because you have a partner who is on the same page as you.


So, how do you get your partner to actually sit down and talk money with you?


Invite your Partner on a Money Date

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