I Don’t Need Hand Weights to Exercise

Exercising on A Budget

How do I exercise on a budget?

By cutting out all the noise in my head telling me I need to do it perfectly or else its not worth doing it all.

I don’t need hand weights to exercise. I don’t need an expensive gym. Or a treadmill. Or an elliptical. Or pricey yoga and spin classes. This may seem obvious to you but often times in the moment it’s really hard to take these things to heart. I, like many others, need to exercise more. I don’t have a specific goal in mind or an amount of weight I need to lose but I do need to get more active and have exercise become a bigger part of my life. For my health. For my kids.

The problem is that I don’t really like to start exercising. So whenever I think about exercising I immediately go into a spiral of things I need in order to exercise effectively. I get all excited and think to myself: “I must start exercising. I will join  a yoga class and that will really get me into shape” or “I must buy a treadmill- that way I can jog even if it’s late at night or I don’t have a babysitter” or “I must do an exercise DVD. I just need hand weights, ankle weights, and a yoga mat. Oh, also new yoga pants and a sports bra”. The problem with all these grand ideas is that 1. They are just excuses to procrastinate and 2. I don’t actually have the money to spend on these items. I live on a really tight budget because I have too. When you are poor, you really can’t go out and make purchases based on something that you hopefully will start doing. I need to really think about every purchase and purchasing hand weights in anticipation of me working out is just foolhardy.

Exercise on Budget

So, this time around I cut all that noise out of my head and I started exercising. I haven’t done any real exercise in a while and I decided it was about time I started again.  After a little soul-searching I decided that I really did not need to spend money on a class to begin exercising. I took out an old DVD (good thing my new laptop has a DVD player- many new laptops don’t!) and decided to start doing Jillian Michael’s 30-day shred instead. Of course, my mind started racing- I really should get a new DVD- this one is so old. I need new weights. I need a good yoga mat. A nice new water bottle. I can do this for hours- think of things I need to get started.

Have you ever spent tons of money on a new hobby or health kick? I am tempted to do it all the time!

This time, I decided it would be different. I would use the old DVD. I would use my kids play-mat as a mat. I would pull out my old, too-tight leggings. And I would use water bottles as weights. Is it effective as real weights? Probably not- but sitting in front of the TV is not great exercise yet. For some reason, I often think that if I am not going to do it perfectly I probably shouldn’t do it at all. That thinking wasn’t really doing me any favors and I did really need to exercise. So I decided to start with what I have. And I did!

Yes- its not perfect but it’s good enough!  The workout is plenty hard enough without my hand weights.

I decided that hand weights would be my reward for actually sticking to my exercise regime. Exercise regularly for 2 weeks and I would buy myself hand weights. This was I would have a “reward” for sticking to my new routine and I wouldn’t spend money for something that wouldn’t get used. I wanted to prove to myself that it would be money well spent before spending it. When you are on a tight budget- every little amount adds up and it would be shame to spend it on something that wouldn’t get used. Having a reward to look forward to really helps keep me motivated and determined to succeed. I want those hand weights! Now I only have 2 more work-outs until I “earn” them! And I know I will!